8 FAQs About Digital Signage Content Creation

Published: August 12, 2011

For integrators struggling with diminishing margins on hardware, digital signage represents a great opportunity. But without compelling digital signage content and proper design, you’ll just be hanging TVs on a wall.

There are several different ways the systems can be specified, wired and installed. Which is best?

The answer really depends on the application at hand and hinges on the content itself.

Most effective digital signage involves using a design firm to produce the content itself. This firm will most likely want to know what type of screens and resolutions you will be using so it can optimize the product to the hardware. If the hardware hasn’t been purchased, the firm can create the content and feed you the parameters for optimizing the hardware to its end product.

A content provider becomes even more important as you add interactivity or scale to the system, like a multi-screen array, where content is created specifically for the venue at hand.

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