AVPro Edge Streamlines Operations at UDOT Center

Published: 2023-11-14

When the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) decided a revamp and update was necessary for the primary display capabilities at the Traffic Operations Center in Salt Lake City, they knew that just as it would be for any road emergency, it was best to call in the ‘pros.’ To the rescue was AVPro Edge, manufacturer of high-performance connectivity products, alongside leading Salt Lake City integrator, TVS Pro, and their chief technology officer, Dalton Parker.

Project Background

For this project, TVS Pro chose MXnet 1G, one of the AVPro Edge Audio Video over Internet Protocol (AVoIP) ecosystems, to connect with, distribute and manage traffic camera feeds from Utah state roads and highways within the operations center.

As the nerve center from where more than 1,700 traffic cameras are monitored for any signs of incidents requiring a swift response; the Traffic Operations Center performs a 24/7/365 mission-critical role supporting Utah highway safety. And, with safety a key aspect of what was at stake, combined with long-haul reliability, Dalton specified AVPro Edge MXnet 1G products for routing the camera feeds across the complex.

According to AVPro Edge, UDOT wished to replace its aging and dated rear-projection primary operations display system, originally installed by TVS Pro, with a newer type of video technology. The concept Parker’s team arrived at was a three-screen array centered by a massive, multi-panel configured, cinema-dimensioned main display, flanked on each side by quite large auxiliary screens.

The Installation

The result is an impressively impactful, state-of-the-art control room and videowall that dutifully monitors the stimulating pulse of traffic flow all over the state.

Camera information arrives from locations dotting the Utah landscape and is received by camera decoders equipped with HDMI outputs. A signal selected for more intrinsic viewing is patched via HDMI into one of 36 MXnet 1G encoders, all of which when combined serve to create a virtual matrix switcher for the 36 packetized, routable streams that are ferried across the network.

After routing, the streams are converted back into HDMI by MXnet 1G decoders. Through its multicast routing, MXnet dispatches all signals at near-zero latency, providing operators with low-delay switching for visually lossless camera images.

Seamless Operations

Using MXnet as a transformative virtual matrix, the MXnet 1G decoders subsequently supply camera content to 32 inputs of a tvONE CORIOmaster2 video wall processor, which generates a seamless video design canvas. Touch panel control enables operators to efficiently customize images to conform to the needs at hand, with overlay, picture-in-picture, multi-picture, and multi-size capabilities, or a solo full wall image.

The CORIOmaster2 then proceeds to pass all outputs through to an additional signal processor that interfaces with every display panel to provide connecting paths from the CORIOmaster2.

Commitment to Sustainability

AVPro Edge notes that for eco-conscious government agencies, there is a great deal of importance on the environmental impact a wholesale equipment changeover might present. And often, there are restrictive limits placed on the amount of additional power consumption a remodel or new project is allowed to assume.

TVS Pro points to the highly efficient MXnet encoders and decoders as a decisive advantage over competitive products. Each unit siphons less than 5 operational watts from the power grid, running cool to the touch from clever utilization of the metal chassis frame working strategically with the main processing chip, and its top-mounted heatsink, to efficiently extract heat and disperse it quietly, fan-free and noise-free.

Supporting gen-locking, MXnet stabilizes video system operation by syncing all decoders to a source, which is essential for tear-free performance with video walls.

Compatibility with popular remote monitoring software, such as OvrC, provides a heads-up to potential servicing needs. TVS Pro cites these features, along with the AVPro Edge hassle-free, 10-year warranty and its award-winning tech support as key additional reasons for selecting MXnet.

A guiding principle shared by both Pro companies is the customer-centric philosophy. TVS Pro says it places a strong emphasis on open communication and a consultative approach, with a concentrated focus on providing customized solutions tailored to client needs. Similarly, AVPro Edge states that it leverages customer feedback to refine existing products and bring high-value leading edge solutions to market.

The UDOT Traffic Operations Center has been operating trouble-free for more than nine months since the transformation, a testament to Dalton Parker and his TVS Pro team’s commitment to excellence. TVS Pro selected the AVPro Edge MXnet 1G AVoIP ecosystem for its outstanding performance and reliability as the foundation for critical applications such as the UDOT Traffic Operations Center project.

Click on “View Slideshow” for images of the UDOT Center project by AVPro Edge and TVS Pro. All photos courtesy of AVPro Edge.

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