Four Winds Casino Relies on NanoLumens Nixel Series Curved LEDs to Light the Way

Published: 2018-08-27

When people come to casinos, the last thing owners want them doing is walking around aimlessly and fumbling to find easy access to their money. That was the case at Four Winds Casino in South Bend, Ind., which recently upgraded its internal wayfinding signage thanks to NanoLumens Nixel curved LEDs.

Four Winds Casino added two 360-degree NanoLumens Nixel Series curved LEDs atop slot machines on the casino floor.

The new displays are visible from far away in most directions, making them the ideal solution to inform guests of ATM locations and assist in wayfinding, according to Musa Balogun, the casino’s director of gaming maintenance.

“Fast, simple transactions are the lifeblood of a casino,” Balogun said.

“When management recognized that guests sometimes had trouble finding ATMs or bill-breaking machines, they knew we needed a solution that would replace the old static signage with a bright, large, eye-catching feature that is viewable from nearly all angles at all times.”

KGM Gaming was tasked with designing, building and installing the new display structures. The result of the installation at Four Winds South Bend draws guests’ attention and ensures they are always aware of the nearest ATM location, according to Jack McNamara, KGM’s VP of operations for signage and millwork. [related]

In the casino world, it’s pretty much understood that bigger and brighter is better at attracting guests and ensuring a fun, enjoyable gaming experience,” McNamara said.

McNamara said they mocked up several designs, including one that would have used four traditional LCD panels at each of the four ATM locations, but they didn’t provide 360-degree visibility and couldn’t display the same kind of visual that a circular display does.

KGM designed architectural signs that extend nearly to the ceiling, with the curved LEDs NanoLumens Nixel displays taking center stage and providing the casino owners a way to communicate with their guests. Each 5mm pixel pitch NanoLumens Nixel display is 1.5 feet tall with a diameter of 3.5 feet.

“The response from management and guests has been extremely positive,” Balogun said. “It’s now easier than ever to navigate the floor, get cash when you need to, and have a point of reference for getting around. Basically, it’s the next evolution of technology aiding casino floor management and traffic flow.”

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