How Furman Technology Is Helping Golf Enthusiasts Improve Their Game

Published: December 30, 2016

Creating immersive golf experiences involves a lot of technology.

Beyond the challenge of getting the technology to actually function, an often bigger challenge is protecting that technology from malfunctioning or becoming damaged.

aboutGolf, a provider of golf simulation, golf performance and home entertainment system technology for more than 20 years, offers three models of PGA TOUR golf simulators to be used in retail locations, private golf clubs, academies, residential locations, OEMs or manufacturers, and more.

In order to keep each simulator running smoothly, aboutGolf leans on Furman by Core Brand’s power management solutions to power and protect each simulator from surges and brownouts and to ensure superior operational performance.

Most simulators on the market are comprised of a computer, projector, touch screen and launch monitor, according to Chuck Winger, aboutGolf director of strategic relationships.

aboutGolf’s PGA TOUR golf simulators offer proprietary equipment, including a 3Trak launch monitor that provides the three dimensional machine vision data from the ball, sensing the club coming in during a swing.


To protect all of the aboutGolf hardware and software, Furman AC-215A power conditioners are incorporated into each simulator.

An important aspect of the aboutGolf simulator is its software, as it can permanently store information about a player’s swing, helping them improve their game.

If a brownout or power surge were to affect the area surrounding an aboutGolf installation, the valuable data could be lost.

The Furman conditioner offers Series Multi-Stage Protection, Linear Filter Technology and Extreme Voltage Shutdown, “delivering advanced and comprehensive transient voltage surge suppressor, all in a very compact chassis,” according to a Core Brands press release. If a surge does happen, the AC-215 protects the entirety of the connected simulators.

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All of the components within the aboutGolf simulator work together to create and immersive golf experience for the user. With up to three projectors installed, the aG Widescreen, aG Curve and aG SimSurround models are stacked with electrical components.

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Read More from Core Brand’s Press Release:

“The aG Curve and SimSurround require the most electronics,” Winger added. “The SimSurround, for example, has three projectors that are used to combine the three images into one. If one of the projects becomes faulty due to a power surge, the simulator could incur an error.”

Winger continued, “Each element of the aboutGolf simulator works simultaneously, and instantaneously. The 3Trak launch monitor tells us the direction that the club is coming, like if it is down toward the turf, up toward the sky, right or left. It can also tell us how fast the club is moving and where the club strikes the face of the golf ball.”

This launch monitor captures all of the data needed to put into the flight engine to create what the path of the ball would actually be.

“What that means is that we’re going to get a very accurate calculation of speed, vertical launch and direction right or left,” Winger added. “aboutGolf is known to have the most scientifically accurate spin on the golf ball, whether it’s side spin or spinning back at the player. What’s amazing is that all of this happens in just seconds!”

With all of the parts working together in a fast-paced environment, it’s vital that every part is operating at its top performance to provide the most accurate reading from course to course. Within the aboutGolf software library, there are 70 golf courses available.

These courses include St. Andrews, Druids Glen, and Hazeltine, where the Ryder Cup was held this year.

“Although each of the courses takes 12 months to create, the company will also be introducing courses by Kohler Properties as part of our exclusive partnership, so users can play Whistling Straits!”

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