Interactive Exhibit Brings Fantasy to Life at Comic-Con San Diego

Published: 2015-09-23

The large venue and event market is becoming more “experiential,” that is, visitors come expecting more than a good presentation; they expect an experience. This means that venues from sports stadiums to museums must become more interactive, especially when it comes to technology.

Earlier this summer, one of the most interactive events was once again underway as Comic-Con took over San Diego. The yearly expo is a celebration of comics and related popular art forms—everything from movies like The Avengers, TV shows like Game of Thrones and of course everyone’s timeless favorites like Superman, Spider-Man and Batman.

Photos: The Crazy Costumes of Comic-Con San Diego

Tens of thousands of sci-fi fanatics, cosplayers and other fantasy aficionados flocked to the San Diego Convention Center this past July to take part in hundreds of different events, from meet-and-greets to celebrity panels to a full-blown masquerade. And this year, RedPeg Marketing had a couple ideas of how to increase interactivity around the event.


RedPeg Marketing calls itself one of the most “influential experiential marketing agencies in the U.S.” In order to increase audience engagement and offer a deeper experience of Comic-Con, the agency created an interactive booth, complete with zip-lining, an obstacle course and four SunBriteTVs near the entrance to the convention center.

Check out the zip-line and obstacle course at Comic-Con San Diego.

The weatherproof outdoor TVs provided by SunBriteTV played trailers of several much-anticipated, big-name video game series, adding to the excitement before attendees even walked through the door.

“We have been using SunBriteTVs for years because they are top in the industry,” says Martin Codd, RedPeg Marketing’s vice president of operations. “We use the televisions wherever we go, whether it’s a nationally televised football game, a big auto race or an experiential popup like today.”

The most important thing about SunBriteTVs, according to RedPeg account manager Christina Goodall, is their ability to combat glare. That’s important anywhere, but particularly so in an environment as sunny as San Diego.

“There’s a lot of manufacturers in this space that try to develop outdoor televisions with the ability to resist the glare of the sun while still being able to operate in all weather conditions,” says Codd. “SunBriteTVs solved this puzzle. You’re guaranteed to be able to see everything in HD no matter how bright the sunshine is and they’ll last in any weather. In the experiential industry, in the event world, that guarantee is what matters most.” 

Watch some of this year’s Comic-Con San Diego highlight reel.

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