Here’s the Largest LED Video Display in High School Sports

Published: January 2, 2019
Weslaco, Texas, home to nation’s largest high school video display

We’ve written about some largest high school football video scoreboards and, not surprisingly, most of them are in Texas. The new king, at least according to Daktronics, is also from Texas where Weslaco High School and Weslaco East High School’s 36-foot by 66-foot Daktronics LED video display at Bobby Lackey Stadium is the largest in high school sports.

[related]Daktronics, a Brookings, S.D.-based provider of large-scale video displays, designed and manufactured the landmark installation, according to a press release by the company.

At 36 feet high by 66 feet wide, the display features a 15HD pixel layout, stands as tall as a telephone pole and as long as a bowling lane. It delivers the resolution, brightness and viewing angles ideal for the 12,000+ fans attending football games.

“This display is as impressive in capability as it is in size. The functionality and uses are endless,” says Kyle Sydow, Daktronics high school sports and recreation market manager.

“Daktronics is proud to be part of this phenomenal installation. Texas has great passion for football, and that’s reflected in the technology they chose.”

High School Gets Mileage out of Display

The display sees frequent use as Weslaco and Weslaco East High Schools share the Bobby Lackey Stadium for football, track and field, soccer, commencement, and graduation ceremonies. Regional Special Olympics and youth football leagues also make use of the stadium.

“Weslaco is a repeat customer with an impressive handle on digital technologies for their many events,” says Pete Vela, Daktronics south Texas sales representative.

“The skill they show during game days and Friday nights leads the area.”

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More from Daktronics’s press release on Bobby Lackey Stadium:

Built to entertain for years to come, Daktronics LED video and messaging display technology features industry-leading environmental protection to ensure a long lifetime for the display with consistent performance and low power consumption.

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