LG Claims World’s Largest OLED Screen, World’s Largest HD Video Wall at Dubai Aquarium

Published: 2017-08-14

LG Electronics Business Solutions isn’t shy about claiming OLED supremacy. “Almost nobody does OLED and we’re the world leader in OLED,” Dan Smith, senior director of business solutions, recently told Commercial Integrator. The 7,600-square foot, 164 feet wide by 45 feet tall video wall at Dubai Aquarium in Dubai Mall serves to back up that statement.

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To create the larger-than-life video wall, LG used 820 Open Frame LG OLED digital signage panels. It partnered with Emaar Entertainment, operator of Dubai Aquarium located in the Dubai Mall adjacent to Burj Khalifa.

“LG is revolutionizing the way commercial space is designed and used because our pioneering slim and curved LG OLED technology is an iconic piece of art itself,” says Soon Kwon, LG’s global head of Information Displays, in an LG press release.

“Our Dubai exhibit is an example of how digital signage products add harmony to a space in addition to being an innovative solution that today’s B2B customers demand. It’s appropriate that this breakthrough screen is being shown in the largest mall in the world next to the tallest structure in the world.”

More on OLED from LG’s press release:

LG OLED is often referred to as the next-generation display technology because it is emissive, meaning that the display emits its own light, eliminating the need for bulky and inefficient backlighting. This results in superb images with the deepest possible blacks, infinite contrast ratios and life-like colors as well as wider viewing angles than conventional backlit displays.


The use of Open Frame OLED signage displays at the Dubai Aquarium is particularly fitting because the curved form factor of the display follows the undulations of flowing water. Open Frame OLED signage displays can be configured into either convex or concave curves in both landscape and portrait modes, blending into any public or private space.

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