NTX S.A de C.V Breathes New Life into Breathless Los Cabos

Published: 2016-07-06

When it comes to the integration business, it’s always helpful to know your customers and even better to have worked with them on previous projects.

These strong relationships between integrator and end user often lead to greater success rate on integration projects. Take, for example, NTX S.A de C.V’s audiovisual install at Breathless Los Cabos, an adult-only, entertainment-focused resort located in Baja, Mexico.

NTX S.A de C.V, a Mexican integration firm, had worked with the developer of the Breathless Los Cabos project for over 15 years on several previous projects that included hotel and commercial spaces.

This long-term, familiar relationship allowed NTX S.A de C.V to work with the hotel from the beginning of the design phase. NTX S.A de C.V discussed design needs with the architect, interior designer, lighting designer and electrical engineer, ensuring that both the end user and integrator had a strong understanding of the goals of the project. 


The scope of the Breathless Los Cabos project was large, as NTX S.A de C.V was challenged with providing all AV equipment for the hotel’s pool area, seven restaurants, convention space, six meeting rooms, the Terrace bar that also functions as a night club on the weekends, the beach area, spa and all halls and corridors.

NTX S.A de C.V’s familiarity with the hotel chain that owns Breathless Los Cabos helped simplify its design phase. Breathless Los Cabos is operated by the same hotel chain as a hotel the firm worked with in previous years, so NTX S.A de C.V knew the operation team’s needs and requests for technology and entertainment.

Integrator Takeaways:
1. Capitalize on established relationships with end users to create optimal project designs
2. When working on projects in areas prone to difficult weather, be prepared to be flexible with your construction schedule.
3. Learn from any end-user’s previous installer’s mistakes to ensure your project doesn’t fall into the same traps.

End User Takeaways:
1. Work closely with the integrator to ensure the project’s design meets your demands.
2. When you have an established relationship with the integrator, meet with them early to get a head start on design plans and discuss any challenges that may arise.
3. Be sure to run trials or soft openings to catch any system glitches or problems.

Equipment Highlights:
Crestron 8-button wall keypad wall, Atlas 70v audio transformer, Tannoy and Electro-Voice loudspeakers, Rane zone expanders, ClearOne wireless microphone system, Crestron Green Light Panels, Intelix matrix switcher and auto-switching wallplate with HDBaseT, AirMedia Presentation antenna, Christie projectors, Da-Lite motorized projector lift

At the outset of the project, NTX S.A de C.V focused on what technology upgrades the hotel needed, and wanted to be sure to not repeat the same mistakes the previous integration firm made in the hotel’s last technology upgrade, specifically regarding the electrical contractor, structured cabling, and network design, which proved to be difficult to manage.

NTX S.A de C.V addressed any and all issues related to the project with all key stakeholders from the very beginning to prevent any confusion between the general contractor and the subs involved.

When it came time to execute the design, NTX S.A de C.V was challenged with deploying AV systems that included providing audio for live events, DJs, performances and other events throughout the year. The firm installed high-output audio equipment in every space that had the ability to connect to DJ equipment, lights, projectors and audio consoles.

The firm also installed digital signage in the hotel’s convention area, providing a CATV system for all screens deployed throughout, including rooms, as well as a centralized lighting control system featuring 28 Crestron Green Light Panels.

The project took almost a year to complete, as the hotel’s location in Cabo San Lucas at the southern tip of Baja made it difficult for NTX S.A de C.V to get all of the workforce, equipment and tools on location during the right time frame.

Flights to the project site also proved to be expensive, as many of the firm’s workers had to rush to location for emergency meetings. Weather further complicated things, as a hurricane delayed construction for over a month.

Despite these challenges, NTX S.A de C.V completed the project only a couple of months later than the original opening day.

NTX S.A de C.V’s project management team trained the hotel’s entertainment staff on all of the AV systems deployed including the lighting control panels. The hotel ran many tests and trials, including soft openings, parties, food tastings and other events to help train the staff on operating the system and ensure all technologies were working properly.

The new AV system has greatly impressed Breathless Los Cabos, and the hotel plans to expand its original project’s technology reach by ordering portable equipment to take to areas such as the beach for performances and other activities.

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