Portland Timbers and Thorns FC Fans Celebrate Teams’ Bright Futures at Providence Park

Published: August 7, 2019

[related] We don’t know what the future holds for Major League Soccer’s Portland Timbers or National Women’s Soccer League’s Portland Thorns FC on the pitch, but we can say without hesitation fans who watch them at newly remodeled Providence Park have a bright future ahead.

Leyard and Planar played a key role in making sure Providence Park’s recent $85 million renovation included a heavy dose of modern display technology aimed at heightening the fan experience.

With corporate headquarters and a manufacturing facility located just miles away in Hillsboro, Ore., Leyard and Planar embraced the opportunity to help equip the hometown teams with displays that will only serve to encourage fans to show up early and stay until the final whistle.

Inside the Providence Park Renovation

The newly remodeled Providence Park features six Lighthouse LED video screens following a partnership formed in late 2018, including a signature new LED scoreboard behind the south goal that features more than 150 percent additional display area.

Measuring 76-feet-wide by 25-feet-tall, the primary scoreboard is composed of 10-millimeter pixel pitch LED video screens, delivering game updates in high resolution.

A secondary scoreboard measuring 46-feet-wide by 16-feet-tall, composed of 10-millimeter pixel pitch LED video screens, is located in the northwest quadrant of the stadium.

In addition to the LED scoreboards, the display technology installation features two LED video walls with a 16-millimeter pixel pitch in the stadium’s east end that are designed as continuous LED ribbons in the stadium’s east end, including a 307-feet-wide ribbon in the grandstand and a 97-feet-wide curved ribbon in the grandstand club.

A third LED ribbon with a 16-millimeter pixel pitch, measuring 128-feet-wide, is located in Providence Park’s Sunset Porsche Audi Suites in the northwest corner, and an additional LED video wall measuring 18-feet-wide by 42-feet-tall with a 10-millimeter pixel pitch hangs on the exterior of the stadium’s south elevator.

Also installed on the lower portion of the northeast elevator shaft is an 8-feet-wide by 20-feet-tall video wall composed of Leyard CarbonLight CLO Series LED video screens with a 7.8-millimeter pixel pitch.

In addition, the installation features more than 87 Planar LCD displays throughout the stadium concourse, concession areas, premium seating sections, team store and locker rooms.

Providence Park

Positive Reaction

“We were fortunate to have many local companies be part of the historic transformation of Providence Park,” said Mike Golub, president of business for the Timbers and Thorns FC. “Leyard and Planar played a critical role in making sure that our fans have an immersive game experience from the time they enter the stadium until the time they leave.”

The first weekend in June, both teams packed a record-breaking 44,679 fans at their respective home opening matches and thrilled attendees with an enhanced display technology experience.

“We’ve had some impressive installations over the years but this one was very special to us,” said Leyard and Planar executive VP of sales and marketing Adam Schmidt. “To be in the crowd, cheering on our hometown teams and witnessing how the video screens enhanced the game for more than 40,000 die-hard fans was an experience I’ll never forget.”

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