Samsung & KSCAPE Improve Meeting-Room Experience in Frankfurt

Published: December 20, 2023
Photo courtesy: Copper Leaf Media on behalf of KSCAPE.

Samsung, global provider of technology solutions, collaborated with KSCAPE, part of the K-array professional audio ecosystem, to transform the meeting-room experience at the Samsung Display Experience Centre in Frankfurt. The result is a solution based around KSCAPE RAIL, says the company. With this, it thus aims to eliminate the chaos of cables via integrated lighting and audio capabilities within a single dedicated product.

Project Details

Per a statement, the inspiration for this project traces back to conversations between Kris Hogg, head of partnerships at Samsung, and Tom Ríby, global sales and marketing manager at KSCAPE. “Kris and I shared a frustration with modern meeting room disorganization and complexity. It was clear to us was that the productivity buzzkill caused by cable clutter and technological issues during video calls was a massive time and money drain to businesses,” explains Ríby. “We started discussing how RAIL and Samsung could be used together to create an intelligent, elegant yet simplified meeting space — free from cables and with effortless plug-and-play connectivity.”

A key focus of this project included challenging the existing norms of the meeting room experience. With the meeting space at Samsung’s Experience Centre due for a refresh, the opportunity thus presented itself as a way to showcase a new take on an advanced meeting-room experience.

Within the meeting space, there are two RAIL units with symmetric, tunable lighting installed above the table. A Truffle-KTR25 subwoofer from K-array, positioned under the table, also adds depth to the audio experience. A K-array Kommander-KA04 amplifier powers both RAIL and Truffle, according to a statement.

Enhancing the Meeting-Room Experience

Office room in Frankfurt.

Photo courtesy: Copper Leaf Media on behalf of KSCAPE.

“RAIL takes the necessary components of a modern meeting space, clear audio and adjustable lighting, and puts them together into a form that eliminates excessive cabling and multiple control,” explains Ríby. “Thanks to the integration of control plug-ins, the tunable lighting and audio can be controlled through the AMX Muse controller, giving room occupants the ability to adjust the room ambience throughout the day.”

Samsung’s ‘The Wall’ screen, composed of modular LED panels, appears at the front of the room, ideal for formal executive meetings. A Samsung Flip 85-inch screen at the back of the room meets the more informal, collaborative meeting needs. Video conferencing is through a Logitech Rally Plus system. Additionally, the AMX CTC Pro acts as the unifying control system for all room technology. It also provides users with a plug-and-play experience. The room controls can switch seamlessly between meeting mode and video-conference mode. Thus, it eliminates the need to adjust speakers or plug in additional devices or laptops.

Successful Collaboration

“We’re pleased to partner with other technology manufacturers who share the same vision of simplified yet sophisticated meeting room technology,” says Hogg. “It was important to show the evolution and future of meeting rooms in this space. As part of this, removing the clutter and complexity at the table was a key factor in the design, making the room simple to use and understand. The addition of KSCAPE’s RAIL allowed us to include high-quality discrete audio and high-end lighting fixtures in one unit.”

He then continues, “It’s important to understand that it is more than just products; any meeting room system needs to bring together all the components into a single easy-to-use entity. The relationships between all the partners we work with are critical to ensuring the best possible user experience. KSCAPE, with its innovative design and integrated audio and lighting technology, plays a significant role in the success of this project.”

Per a statement, the collaboration at Samsung Frankfurt thus marks a significant step forward in reimagining meeting spaces. Moreover, it showcases the shared commitment of Samsung and KSCAPE to delivering solutions that cater to the evolving needs of businesses worldwide.

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