Samsung The Wall Elevates Hilton Waikiki Beach

Published: October 5, 2023

Samsung Electronics America, Inc. helped elevate the experience at the Hilton Waikiki Beach with a new installation of The Wall All-In-One 4K display. Per a statement, the 146-inch Direct View LED display is now one of the largest displays in Hawaii. It offers the hotel’s guests and local customers an inspiring viewing experience with vibrant colors and clarity, says Samsung.

“As the hospitality industry rebounds from the pandemic, hotels are looking for new ways to create memorable experiences and deliver a ‘wow’ factor for their guests and customers,” says James Fishler, senior vice president, Display & Home Entertainment Divisions, Samsung Electronics America. “The Wall enables Hilton Waikiki to excite its guests with entertaining content on a standout display that both enhances the guest experience and elevates the hotel’s brand.”

People in the hotel lobby.Hilton Waikiki Beach’s customers include a unique blend of business travelers, visiting families and local community members. The hotel worked with Samsung and installation partner Pacific Digital Sign to install The Wall behind the LBLE lobby bar. Visible from anywhere within the lobby, The Wall now serves as the social heart of the property. bringing the Hilton’s diverse range of customers together with its spectacular visual technology.

According to Samsung, advanced usability and controls allow the hotel’s staff to securely manage the displayed content. In the morning, The Wall presents hotel guests with inspiring scenes from around Hawaii and information about activities to enjoy during their stay. In the afternoon, the hotel utilizes The Wall to keep guests engaged with current news and sports, segmenting the large screen to display four different television channels at once. Finally, in the evening, calming Hawaiian scenes create a luxurious ambiance for dinner guests. On Sundays, NFL game broadcasts on The Wall draw in the local community.

“The Wall presents a unique way for our hotel staff to cater to our local community and guests from around the world, while distinguishing the Hilton Waikiki Beach as a state-of-the-art hotel in every way,” says Henry Perez, general manager, Hilton Waikiki Beach.

Samsung The Wall in lounge area.In addition to The Wall, Samsung technology enables Hilton Waikiki Beach to deliver a complete premium guest experience. The lobby and bar area features a series of 98-inch Samsung TVs that further immerse guests in the Hilton brand from the moment they enter the hotel. Behind the concierge desk, four Samsung displays showcase content to welcome guests at check-in.

Furthermore, three 65-inch Terrace Outdoor QLED TVs within a newly opened pool bar engage and entertain the hotel’s patrons. Guests can also enjoy the high-definition picture quality of 65-inch Samsung TVs from the comfort of their own rooms.

All images courtesy of Samsung.

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