Empowering Global Security Operations with Advanced Video Wall Technology

Published: June 12, 2024
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Author:  Aaron Leiker, Vice President of Operation Centers, Haivision 

Our latest collaboration with a Fortune 100 company showcases our expertise in optimizing Global Security Operation Centers (GSOC) with cutting-edge video wall technology. This partnership highlights our dedication to providing solutions that not only meet current needs but also anticipate future demands.

This Fortune 100 enterprise, a leader in digital platforms used by billions worldwide, required an advanced solution to enhance their security operations across multiple global regions. With business operations spanning North America, Europe, Latin America, and Asia-Pacific, the need for a robust, scalable, and user-friendly system was paramount.

Streamlining Global Security with Tailored Solutions

Understanding the critical role of the GSOC as the nerve center of security operations, Haivision embarked on a mission to revamp their existing infrastructure. The GSOC was essential in coordinating efforts across the enterprise’s extensive network, requiring a solution that could integrate seamlessly with existing security protocols while enhancing operational efficiency.

Our approach focused on three core areas:

  • User-friendliness
  • Scalability
  • Integration capability

The Haivision Command 360 video wall solution, featuring a user-friendly interface, was designed to require minimal training, thereby reducing the operational burden on GSOC staff and allowing them to focus on critical security tasks. This ease of use, coupled with our system’s ability to handle a high volume of data inputs—from live video feeds to social media streams—ensured that the GSOC operators had a comprehensive overview of security situations in real time.

Innovating for the Future

The project began with a phased implementation strategy, starting with less complex regional centers before scaling up to the comprehensive GSOC upgrade. This approach minimized risks and fostered user buy-in from the start. Partnering with Constant Technologies, we ensured that our video wall systems integrated flawlessly with the client’s existing Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) systems, demonstrating our capability in handling complex, multi-faceted integration projects.

Setting the company up for future success was a key component of our strategy. Our solution was built to accommodate not just the current operational scope, but also future expansions. The design included advanced features like API-driven automation, which facilitates routine security tasks, and secure mobile collaboration tools, allowing team members to contribute to decision-making processes from anywhere.

A Foundation for Scalable Security Operations

Today, this Fortune 100 company benefits from a GSOC that is not only more efficient but also more adaptable to the evolving demands of global security management. Haivision’s video wall solutions have been rolled out across over 15 locations in North America and international GSOCs in the EMEA and APAC regions, each capable of supporting up to 80 staff members efficiently.

Our commitment to delivering a user-friendly, scalable, and robust video wall system has empowered this client to maintain a high level of security and operational continuity. This successful implementation underscores Haivision’s position as a leader in video wall technology, to support large enterprises in their need for operational excellence and security.

 Explore Our Expertise

To learn more about how Haivision can transform your operation center capabilities, read our detailed case study. Discover how we tailor our video wall solutions to meet the specific needs of global enterprises, ensuring security and efficiency at every level.

Author byline: Spearheading product management and global strategy for Haivision video wall solutions at Haivision, Aaron is committed to enhancing situational awareness and collaboration through innovative technology and design. With a decade at CineMassive (now owned by Haivision) and a passion for leadership in tech, he’s shaping the future of operation centers worldwide.

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