BenQ SW271, HDR-enabled, 4K, photographers

BenQ SW271 Monitor Is 4K HDR-Enabled and Aimed at Photographers

27-inch BenQ SW271monitor is 4K HDR-enabled and has BenQ’s AQCOLOR technology and USB-C connectivity offering photographers a great display option.

9 Learning Space Products Significantly Impacting Education

Innovations such as Epson’s BrightLink Pro interactive projector technology and ViewSonic’s 70-inch Touchpanel have helped increase collaboration and enhance teaching and learning experiences in all levels of education.

BenQ Becomes Exclusive Enterprise Partner for Jamboard

Jamboard, a new 4K team collaboration device from Google, will be available Q1 2017 and aims to transform meetings into an engaging and effective experience.

BenQ Announces New Addition to Creative Series Monitor Line

PD2700Q boasts advanced viewing modes optimized for workflow efficiency and accentuates visual details for designers.

BenQ Adds MH750 Business Projector to Robust Line

Newest category offering combines high brightness, color management, mobile device connectivity and networking capabilities.

BenQ’s New Business Projector Offers High Brightness for Small Spaces

BenQ MU686 boasts WUXGA resolution, high brightness and advanced setup and connectivity features for simple operation.

It’s All about Color Performance with BenQ’s New Portable LED Projector

CH100, BenQ’s foray into the portable LED projector category, delivers sRGB picture quality and mobile versatility.

BenQ Adds to BlueCore Laser Projector Line with 8,000-Lumen Model

BenQ guarantees the LU9715, which boasts a dual color wheel system, for 20,000 hours of operation at full brightness without lamp replacement.

BenQ’s New Dynamic Duo Projects 6,000 and 7,000 Lumens

BenQ says its S-Series high-brightness projectors SU931 and SX930 are its brightest built for mid- to large-sized venues.

BenQ Interactive Classroom Projector Boasts Shortest Throw Ratio

Ultra-Short-Throw MW883UST combines immersive imaging, ease of installation and interactive presentation tools.