video collaboration projects, managed equipment, business analytics concept, businessman looking at dashboard with charts

Video Collaboration Projects Don’t Have to End: Switching to Managed Equipment

Video collaboration projects shouldn’t end so soon — but they don’t have to if AV integrators wisely use a business model focused on managed equipment.

360o Service Plan

Avidex and Digital Networks Group Launch 360o Service Plan Portfolio of Managed Services

Avidex and Digital Networks Group’s 360o Service Plan includes remote monitoring and management along with centralized help desk.

MNEC, AV industry, system integration

There’s An Inexplicable Separation in the AV Industry That Should Be Closed

We may never truly see full system integration between AV and IT industries, and MNEC installations create angst for fire alarm and AV industry installers.

Now’s the Time to Capitalize on the Growing CE Market with a Solid RMR Program

ConnectWise offers solutions to help integrators expand their business through RMR as IoT, voice, control, and open communications platforms take off.