Logitech MeetUp Conference Camera Targets Huddle Rooms

Traditional conference cameras are not made for huddle rooms. Logitech Meetup conference camera is designed for these small meeting spaces and launches at InfoComm 2017.

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Logitech MeetUp Conference Camera Targets Huddle Rooms

Not all conference cameras are created equally – and very few are created for huddle rooms. That’s a mistake, according to Logitech, since small meeting spaces represent a fast-growing segment for customers and for integration firms to address. That’s why Logitech Meetup Conference camera, unveiled at InfoComm 2017, is specifically designed for huddle rooms.

The trend toward huddle rooms is driven by the shift toward open work spaces, which is wonderful except when you need to sit and talk to colleagues or you need to do a video call.” –Joan Vandermate, Logitech

“The trend toward huddle rooms is driven by the shift toward open work spaces, which is wonderful except when you need to sit and talk to colleagues or you need to do a video call,” says Joan Vandermate, Logitech Video Collaboration’s head of marketing.

  • Conferencing technology challenges in huddle rooms include:
  • Narrow FOV: Can’t see everyone in the room
  • Center of Table Audio: Delivers poor audio experience
  • Too Many Components: Not suited to small room

Logitech Meetup, with its 120-degree field of view, “is made specifically for those huddle rooms,” Vandermate tells CI, because it makes every seat at the table clearly visible during a meeting.

“Huddle rooms are optimized for four to six people,” she points out. The small layout of the rooms and often impromptu nature of the meetings “leads to people typically sitting very close to the screen and relatively far out to the side from a field of view perspective. Classic conference room cameras are optimized for a long skinny board room table and are exactly the oppose of what you need.”

Here’s what makes Logitech Meetup unique:

It’s designed to work with virtually any video conferencing software application and cloud service, including Skype for Business, Cisco collaboration applications, and all Logitech Collaboration Program partners such as BlueJeans, BroadSoft, Vidyo and Zoom.

  • It captures a 120-degree field of view with the option to pan an additional 25 degrees to the left and right.
  • It features a Logitech-engineered, low-distortion lens, UltraHD 4K optics, and three camera presets.
  • It has integrated audio optimized for huddle room spaces.
  • It has three sound-isolating mics and a voice-optimized speaker.
  • It’s Microsoft Cortana certified for voice commands with any Windows 10 system.

Mounting is relatively simple, says Vandermate. “Installers can either just take it out of the box and set it on a shelf or table. Or they can use the wall mount kit that comes in the box.

“Some might want to mount to a TV, so it comes with an optional VESA bracket and takes about 5 minutes to screw onto the TV and you can mount it above or turn the VESA mount around and mount it below the screen.”

Vandermate adds that the fact that it’s a 4K camera makes it “future-proof for when and if 4K becomes a must-have.”

Logitech MeetUp is slated to ship in July 2017. Business customers can purchase it through Logitech Video Collaboration reseller network or on Amazon.com or Logitech.com with a suggested retail price of $899. The Logitech Expansion Mic for Meetup will also be available for suggested retail price of $219.

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