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Logitech Spotlight Presentation Remote Subtly Changes Presentation Game

Integrators aren’t in the business of selling presentation clickers, but this Logitech solution helps establish presentation thought-leadership. That might be a good thing.

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Logitech Spotlight Presentation Remote Subtly Changes Presentation Game

Logitech's Spotlight Presentation Remote is designed to be more than a clicker. Its features aim to make presentations go more smoothly.

My pet peeve is when writers begin an article by letting the readers know something about themselves or their process of gathering the information.

That being said, I was at a Logitech press meeting in a conference room inside an old, non-descript building in Boston’s financial district.

The Switzerland-based computer products manufacturer had summoned the meeting under embargo and I had no idea what product it might be introducing that would appeal to Commercial Integrator’s audience of integration firms and specifying consultants.

It wouldn’t be the first time the high-volume product maker has targeted CIs. Logitech was a first-time exhibitor at InfoComm 2015 discussing its collaboration program in which its web cams are part of an ecosystem of unified communication and collaboration products.

Then in the Boston meeting I learned that Logitech is announcing a presentation clicker.


CI Research doesn’t show a lot of integrators or consultants selling a lot of presentation clickers.

Still, I sat back and listened — I was there, after all — and I’m glad I did.

The Presentation Business

It’s well covered ground that we’re in the midst of an era in which most organizations are rethinking their work spaces and how they meet.

Small meetings are more interactive, fueled by collaboration solutions, and expectations are higher for large-scale presentations. Meanwhile, organizations are recording more presentations to be distributed to employees.

Integrators and consultants are on the front line, helping their customers adapt to evolving presentation demands. In essence, you’re all in the presentation business.

As Logitech’s Nalisha Chetty, senior manager, pointing devices, global portfolio, discussed the new Spotlight Presentation Remote, I started to get into it.

In describing the presentation remote, Chetty talked less about the device and more about the confidence it provides to presenters. 

There’s a reason why public speaking is such a common fear.  “When you’re standing on a stage and facing a crowd you open yourself up to criticism and judgement,” she said.

Presenting takes confidence, she added, “and it’s tough when your technology lets you down.”

Logitech even had a presentation expert join it on the press tour. “If you want to elevate your presentations, if you want to look different and stand out, these are the type of tools that I think will help people get there,” said Carmine Gallo, author of Talk Like Ted: The 9 Public-Speaking Secrets of the World’s Top Minds.

“I thought it was just a new clicker but it’s much, much more than that.”

It got me to thinking that since integrators and consultants are in the presentation business, there is an opportunity to provide thought-leadership.

As Chetty said, the technology isn’t the thing that makes the presentation, it’s the thing that you don’t want to get away. The upside is in explaining how that technology will subtly enhance the presentation.

In the case of Logitech’s Spotlight, its features are designed to inspire confidence.

There’s the pointer system that offers a step-up from laser pointers. “With Spotlight we’ve completely reinvented the art of pointing,” Chetty said.

Spotlight provides, literally, a spotlight on the content that you can point at and highlight, creating an area of light on the screen. “It’s visible not only to a live audience but also to an audience that might be connected remotely,” she said, adding that it’s better for remote collaboration.

Then there’s the 3D cursor. It’s clickable so there’s no need to hit a play button to start a video or pull up a graph, for instance.

Using a compatible app, presenters can customize their presentation and take advantage of a time management feature. The Spotlight remote can vibrate with 10 minutes left in the designated presentation time, for instance, to keep the speaker on schedule.

Logitech Spotlight Presentation Remote

Logitech’s Spotlight Presentation remote is designed to take pressure off of the presenter.t-leadership when it comes to presentation best practices.

Meanwhile, the Spotlight works from 100 feet away allowing the presenters to interact more with their audience.

These features can all be spun as valuable presentation benefits. Unlike much of the invaluable hardware that integrators sell that sits in an AV rack in a closet rarely to be seen, these benefits are held right in your customers hands.

They won’t forget about it. They can’t.

Logitech will be selling its Spotlight Presentation Remote through traditional mass market channels with an MSRP of $129 available from February 1. Think Apple Store, Best Buy and such.

It’s continuing to explore additional channels, according to Chetty.

Whether integrators can sell it or not, I think that holding one in their hand as they demonstrate presentation solutions to customers creates an opportunity to really delve into presentation techniques and establish thought-leadership.

Who knows? Maybe they just won me over.

After all, it was a good presentation.