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Buccaneers, Dolphins, Vikings Open NFL Season with New Video Boards
Daktronics worked with seven teams to install almost 100,000 square feet and 43 new displays for 2016 National Football League campaign.

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Super Bowl 50: The Most Technologically Advanced Game in History
From large Daktronics displays and robust Wi-Fi to pylon cameras and a highly publicized...
Peek Inside This Abandoned Office Building Transformation
What does it take to fully transform an Amsterdam office space with a significant...
Inside Celebrity Chef Richard Blais’ New High-Tech SoCal Restaurant
Richard Blais' new San Diego outdoor restaurant The Crack Shack was left vulnerable at...

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Fremont Street Experience in Las Vegas Now More Pleasing to the Ears
Viva Vision canopy show gets concert-quality, 550,000-watt audio upgrade, making Old Town area of Las Vegas perfect spot for CES 2017 attendees to blow off steam.

Kramer Acquires Home Automation Provider iRule
Kramer’s strategic investment in iRule led to the decision to acquire the home automation company. With this deal, iRule continues a trajectory that has it more focused on the commercial market.

17 Powerful Audio Products Introduced in 2016
QSC, Meyer Sound, Yamaha and Bose are just a few companies that introduced profound audio products this year for meeting spaces, venues, educational institutions and more.

SPAM Museum Features Interactive AV
Electrosonic works with Hormel to create interactive exhibits at 14,000-square-foot Minnesota museum dedicated to the world’s favorite canned pork product.

New SDVoE Alliance Reveals at Least One Member: AptoVision
Justin Kennington, strategic and technical marketing director at AptoVision, will teach an Integrated Systems Europe 2017 session on SDVoE with NETGEAR's Laurent Masia, although NETGEAR hasn't been announced as a founding member. SDVoE remains focused on releasing more information leading up to ISE 2017.

TOA Shipping New Matrix Amplifier
TOA MA-725F-AM matrix amplifier meets demand for simpler mid-level background music and paging system.

QSC’s Q-SYS Platform to Support AES67
Via software release, QSC's Q-SYS will support the AES67 networked audio interoperability standard, allowing audio distribution between other systems supporting AES67 without requiring additional hardware.

London Zoo Puts Guests in Animals’ World with Immersive Audio Install
Tannoy and Lab Gruppen improve audio for attraction’s 1.2 million annual visitors to historic zoo.

Coca-Cola London Eye, Other South Bank Attractions Get Audio Overhaul
Shrek’s Adventure! London, SEA LIFE London Aquarium, others utilize Audinate’s Dante networking.

Having Trouble Offering Maintenance Outside Your Service Area?
With Herman’s Annual Maintenance agreements, our technicians are available nationwide.

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Genesis Acquisition of Edcom Tells Tale of Two Companies

That Edmonton-based Genesis Integration now has most of Ontario covered with London, Ontario-based Edcom Multimedia acquired is only half the story. $40 million Genesis Integration scoops up assets of $6.5 million Edcom Multimedia, demonstrating one firm poised for growth in a market that is spitting out those that are not.

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