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Answer 8 Acquisition Questions to Rate Your AV Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Knowledge

Match these 9 companies with the AV installation company that acquired them to rate your AV mergers and acquisitions (M&A) expertise.

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8th Annual Integration Business Outlook Presented by CI & NSCA

NSCA’s Chuck Wilson, Genesis’s Kelly McCarthy and CI’s Tom LeBlanc crunch industry survey, tackle market challenges & assess the State of the Industry.

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Threats & Opportunities Your Commercial Tech Integration Business Will Contend With in 2018

Commercial tech integration in 2018 requires your AV business to be IT-centric; to be poised for acquisition; but most of all: to be prepared!

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What’s With All the Mergers and Acquisitions?

With all the mergers and acquisitions (M&A) afoot in the AV integration industry, how can integrators make sense of their own potential?

M&A Forecast: Why Industry Consolidation Won’t Slow Down in 2017

A combination of strong balance sheets, low interest rates, high private equity cash and need for add-on services should keep the perfect mergers and acquisitions storm swirling.

The Future of Samsung & Harman: Will Samsung Keep Harman a Separate Entity?

A look at what lies ahead for the future of Samsung and Harman and whether or not Samsung will sell off some of Harman’s brands.

People & Places: Mitel Acquires Polycom for $1.96B, Creates a $2.5B Company

CI takes a look at the latest big news in the industry: Mitel acquires Polycom, Revolabs has a new distribution agreement with ScanSource Latin America, USAV welcomes a new director of administration and more.

Video Weekly News: What’s the Impact of Diversified’s Recent Acquisitions?

By acquiring Technical Innovation and The Systems Group, Diversified has enhanced its global footprint and broadcast capabilities in the New Jersey area.

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Whitlock’s Work on Company Culture ‘Is Never Done,’ and That’s Why They’re Still Growing: Episode 13 of AV+

Unlike other mega integrators, Whitlock uses AV business practices which aren’t as focused on large acquisitions. Tune in ep. 13 of AV+ the new AV podcast.

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Quick Tips for Integrators on Buying and Selling Your AV Business

Pro AV business CEOs should be ready to sell their companies from day 1, while PE and VC firms have added a new element to these sales.