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AV as a Service (AVaaS) – The Best Investment for your Company by Grupo Covix

AVaaS, is an alternative model to access audio and video solutions at all times; allows a Company to acquire Audio and Video Equipment, Wireless Collaboration, Internal Communication, Microphony, Telephony, etc. through a monthly subscription, without having to make large investments in purchasing equipment or frequent updates.

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12 Takeaways from the AV as a Service Panel at Total Tech Summit 2019

Here are 12 managed AV service takeaways from industry experts that every integration company should be thinking long and hard about.

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Start Offering AV as a Service… Yesterday

Offering AV as a Service to customers gives integrators more control over their business and can bring in more stable revenue.

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All the Ways Integrators Can Get Involved in AV as a Service: Episode 72 of AV+

Editor-At-Large Craig MacCormack asks Bobby Swartz, President of Starin Marketing what the keys to success are in fostering more service revenue.


Integrators Need to Do More Than Pay Lip Service to AV As A Service

AV Week panel looks at the complexities of shifting your business to an AVaaS model and the dangers that come with ignoring it.

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Why You Should Pay Attention to AV as a Service

Many in the AV integration world have been talking about AVaaS for years. The problem is some don’t even realize it. What’s the future of AV as a Service?

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What to Tell Your Sales Reps to Get More AV as a Service Contracts: Episode 38 of AV+

AV as a service contracts begin with your sales reps! What to tell them to have better crucial conversations on episode 38 of pro AV podcast, AV+.

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You May Already Be Selling AV as a Service and Not Even Know It

CI Summit panelists say selling AV as a service is more about repackaging and talking to your customers in new ways than launching something entirely new.

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Netrix Lands AV as a Service Contract for 110 Conference Rooms

Netrix owns and operates the collaboration equipment at this client’s corporate HQ, giving them the advantage of AV as a Service revenue.

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AV as a Service Explained So Simply Even a 2-Year-Old Can Understand

Paul Konikowski of PK Audiovisual sums up AV as a Service succinctly and as a customer demand opportunity that the AV industry should embrace.