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Poly, CLIPr Partner To Address Video Fatigue

Poly and AI-powered video analysis and management platform CLIPr are partnering to help increase productivity and reduce video fatigue.

Mmhmm Videoconferencing Fatigue

How The Videoconferencing Industry Is Combatting Video Fatigue

The videoconferencing industry is taking steps to help fight our virtual meeting fatigue, and AV integrators should be paying attention.

Eyelinez Beats Zoom Fatigue, Aces Virtual Learning and Masters Video Interviews

San Jose-based company Eyelinez has a small product with a big goal: to create more meaningful virtual connections.

video call fatigue

Study Finds Nearly Half the Workforce Is Fatigued from Video Calls

Virtira Consulting survey tells most workers what they probably already knew: all those video calls are doing damage to their health.

Videoconferencing fatigue

Can AV Integrators Combat Videoconferencing Fatigue in the New Normal?

As we settle into remote work, videoconferencing fatigue is becoming part of our new reality. AV integrators should be equipped to help combat it.

video-first technology

Preparing For A Remote-First Future…Without Getting Fatigued

Integrators need to start equipping rooms with video-first technology and making the experience enjoyable.

Google Project Starline

Google Is Testing New 3D Videoconferencing Technology

Google’s Project Starline combines computer vision, machine learning, spatial audio, compression, sensors and high-res cameras.

Webex Virtual Background

Webex Plays Catch Up in Videoconferencing Wars

Webex, one of the oldest videoconferencing providers, is playing catch-up with Zoom and others as it releases its own virtual background feature.

Cleerline, fiber vs category 5, signal quality

The ‘Future Has Arrived’ for Fiber, Says Cleerline in Video Q&A

Robert D’Addario of Cleerline Technology discusses fiber’s superior speed, durability and signal quality compared to copper in a video from CE Pro.

4K Claims Commercial Video Market

Ultra HD format goes beyond consumers and makes way into digital signage, control rooms and other B2B applications.