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Adam Forziati is senior web editor for Commercial Integrator and MyTechDecisions.

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MIT mini cheetah robot

MIT Mini Cheetah Robot Can Backflip. But it Also Has Potential as a Monitoring Solution

Quadrupedal, backflipping MIT Mini Cheetah robot is impressive. But will integrators one day use such robots in their security installations?

Xenoma e-skin

Xenoma e-skin Lets Users Put the WEAR in ‘Wearables’

With Zenoma e-skin, sensors are stitched into clothing and can help monitor vital signs and other valuable biometric data.

Internet of Senses

The ‘Internet of Senses’ will Let Machines Respond to Our Thoughts… In Ten Years??

Research suggests the Internet of Senses – the theorized platform where devices read and respond to thoughts – is coming by the year 2030.

Adam's Latest Posts

9/11, Felix Robinson, AV industry, AVI-SPL

Felix Robinson, AV Industry Vet Who Managed a NYC Project during 9/11, Shares His Memories of the Terror Attacks

Consultant Felix Robinson, formerly of AVI-SPL, recalls his experience on 9/11 and what that day symbolizes for the AV industry.

Taste of Chicago, Martin Audio

Taste of Chicago, World’s Largest Food Fest, Sounds Just as Good as it Smells Thanks to Martin Audio

Integrator Technotrix says Taste of Chicago live sound owes its vibrancy and punch to just eight boxes of Martin Audio MLAs.

DPA microphones, Tears for Fears 2017 tour

Everybody Wants to Rule the Mic: DPA Microphones and the Tears for Fears 2017 Tour

Veteran FOH Engineer Doug Kimball depends on DPA Microphones d:facto vocal, d:vote™ Instrument and d:dicate 2011 mics for Tears for Fears 2017 tour.

Synergy CTS, two way mirror, Seura, Naples Wine Collection

Seura Two Way Mirror Reflects Class by the Glass at Naples Wine Collection

Synergy CTS designs and installs custom 25′ x 8′ arched Seura two way mirror hiding two TVs, more at Naples Wine Collection.

Verrex. AV industry

People & Places: Verrex, Planar, Atlona Grow their Sales Teams

AV industry highlights for August include new sales & marketing exec’s at Verrex, Planar, and Atlona, while Shure hires for quality assurance.

AV technology, AV install, higher education

9 Times AV Technology Helped Higher Education Institutions

AV technology has a huge impact on the higher education market — just look at these AV installations at colleges across the globe.

Stolen Heart exhibit, BrightSign, Leo Baeck Institute

C&G Partners Chronicle Pilfered Jewish Property with 3D Projection Mapping from BrightSign

A 3D projection-mapped table powered by BrightSign at the Stolen Heart Exhibit tells the story of how Jewish property was taken from its rightful owners.

escape rooms, AV business, escape room technology

Will AV Integrators Ever Unlock the Escape Room Technology Market?

Escape rooms are tech-filled leisure powerhouses – but why aren’t integrators involved? We examine why your AV business should consider selling to them.

IT, IT directors, AV installers

4 Ways Integrators Can Earn IT Directors’ Trust

Many AV installers struggle to convince IT directors that their solution is the right one for the job. Learn how to win them over.

UFC, National Technology Associates, ENGAGE Series, NanoLumens

UFC Headquarters Hits Fight Fans with NanoLumens Display

National Technology Associates installed a 20-foot-wide narrow pixel pitch ENGAGE Series display from NanoLumens to welcome visitors into UFC’s lobby.