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This 10K Timelapse of Brazil Will Make You Forget 4K

Picturesque timelapse of Brazil captured by photographer Joe Capra with a PhaseOne IQ180 camera.

Shining a Light on Rolling Stones’ Zip Code Tour

Lighting designer and director for the latest Rolling Stones’ tour talk design, gear and venue for an artist and tour of this size.>

Tiny 3D Chef Prepares Your Meal While You Wait

3D projection-mapped cartoon called Le Petit Chef entertains diners right on a table surface.>

Alamo Drafthouse Deploys Outdoor Projection for ‘Jaws on the Water’ Event

Enormous projection screen brought in for outdoor viewing of film classic ‘Jaws’ in New Braunfels, Texas, as audiences watch from floating tubes in the water.>

‘Transparent’ Video Wall Behind Samsung Truck Saves Lives on the Road

Drivers behind Samsung trucks can see the road ahead with new wireless camera and four-panel video wall mounted on the back.>

Enrique Iglesias Injured By Freak Drone Accident During Live Performance

Singer badly sliced his fingers after reaching up to grab a drone on stage during his recent tour in Mexico.>

Matrox Fuels Flight Info Displays at Munich Airport

Munich Airport’s flight information display system was in desperate need of an upgrade.

Ignite the Lights: Inside Katy Perry’s Super Bowl Halftime Show

Lighting designer behind most-watched halftime show in Super Bowl history talks projection mapping, lighting and rehearsing with Katy Perry.

Look Out, Lads: London Restroom Flyers Flushed Out by Digital Advertising

BroadSign’s cloud-based software platform expand to 1,500 screens in men’s restrooms across London by 2017.

Netflix TV Series ‘House of Cards’ Puts AMX in the White House

Producers of popular Netflix TV show contacted AMX to ensure complete accuracy in TV depiction of United States White House communications.

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