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Exploring the State of AV Standards

There are myriad ways to cobble together technology systems, and pros and cons when considering proprietary and non-proprietary protocols. Integrators’ customers — and their IT department — stand to benefit.

3 Ways the Industry Can Improve in 2017

Better network training, stronger system security and increased tradeshow attendance can help industry professionals gain the knowledge they need to make 2017 a great year for business.

Why the Kramer, iRule Deal Is a BIG Deal for Control

Control has become a significant aspect of the AV industry. What’s telling about the Kramer/iRule deal is that Kramer has not only gotten into control full force, but has done so quite uniquely.

Tim's Latest Posts

Why Digital Signage Integrators Should Attend New York Digital Signage Week

Tim Albright recaps this year’s New York Digital Signage Week events, conferences and panels — and makes a case for any integrators selling Digital Signage to come to next year’s show.

Read This Before Answering Your Next Access Control RFP

Standalone or integrated access control systems could add a profitable new page to your portfolio, provided you understand everything that’s involved. Here are some areas that may act as speed bumps along the way.

7 Commercial Market Takeaways from CEDIA 2016

Tim Albright highlights the major themes of residential-focused CEDIA, including Amazon Echo’s voice control and networking for AV, and why commercial integrators need to know about these trends.

Alexa, Start My Video Conference

Commercial AV better get ready for Alexa, as the Amazon Echo device is about to significantly advance voice control in AV control programming.

Why the Closing of For-Profit Education Institutions Is Dangerous to Our Industry

Colleges like ITT and Devry offer unique, accelerated educational opportunities that provide the audio visual industry with entry level employees who have base knowledge of IT, electrical, programming, and more.

What Your Employees Are Begging You For

Employees need to feel valued, challenged and engaged in order to bring the energy and positivity needed to be a part of a successful business.

Trade Shows: How Valuable Are They?

With companies such as Extron and Crestron exiting various trade shows, questions arise as to why these big-name companies are leaving, and what it means for the value of trade shows.

Why the AV Industry has Venture Capitalists Seeing Dollar Signs

Investors are beginning to realize that serious money can be made in the AV industry.

Why You Don’t Have to Start from Scratch When Designing Higher Ed Huddle Rooms

With a standard starting point for huddle spaces, AV integrators can now use the same technologies for higher education huddle spaces as they do for corporate, saving time and increasing efficiency.

Streaming: The Groundbreaking Innovation that Changed Distance Learning Forever

A natural evolution of class capture, streaming allows integrators to interface with the class scheduling system and send the lecture capture file to a number of places, truly duplicating the expensive distance learning systems of the 90s.