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Zachary Comeau

Zachary Comeau comes from a journalism background with more than 8 years of experience writing for several daily newspapers and industry trade publications in Massachusetts. He joined Commercial Integrator in October 2019.

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Crestron DM NVX enhancement logo

Crestron’s DM NVX AV-over-IP Line Receives IT Security Certifications

Crestron’s DM NVX solutions are now certified by the NIAP, certifying that the products meet cybersecurity standards.

hp poly logos

HP to Acquire Poly for $3.3 Billion, Combine PC Sales With Poly Solutions

HP expects the acquisition of Poly will help further develop the company’s hybrid work and collaboration solutions.

Cybersecurity Russia Ukraine

10 Things System Integrators Can Do To Harden Cyber Defenses Amid The Russia-Ukraine Conflict

With cyberattacks stemming from the Ukraine crisis possibly spilling over into the West, here are 10 cybersecurity steps system integrators can take now.

Zachary's Latest Posts

Competitive Intelligence, AV industry

Why the AV Industry Should Research Their Competition

As the AV industry grows and becomes more saturated with new companies, business owners should start thinking about competitive intelligence.

Active Learning

There’s A Scientific Reason for Having More Technology In The Classroom

Research suggests that students learn best when engaged in an active learning environment, and the AV industry should help lead the way.

Contact-Free AV

How AV Integrators Can Take Advantage of Digital Adoption

As companies and institutions consider digital adoption, AV integrators should be licking their chops as digital advances bring new opportunities.

Introverted CEO, CEO personality

An Introverted CEO Could Make For A More Stable AV Business

New research suggests that an extroverted CEO personality could lead to market volatility and short-term gains, while introverts look at the bigger picture.

AV Industry

Two Weeks In: 4 Things I’ve Learned About the AV Industry

I’ve only been on the job for two weeks, but I’ve learned a lot about the AV industry’s recent growth, opportunities and challenges.

Mental health

AV Integrators Should Pay Attention To Their Employees’ Mental Health

Younger generations are more likely to leave a job due to mental health issues. That doesn’t bode well for an industry dominated by older generations.

Artificial Intelligence

AI, Quickly Becoming Part of AV, Could Cost Black Men Their Jobs

Should AV integrators think more about diversity as studies suggest the rise of artificial intelligence could lead to the displacement of minority workers?

Pension Freeze

GE’s Pension Freeze Follows Similar U.S. Corporate Trend

GE’s decision to freeze the pension of 20,000 U.S. workers comes after several large U.S. firms have taken similar action in recent years.

AV as a Service

Start Offering AV as a Service… Yesterday

Offering AV as a Service to customers gives integrators more control over their business and can bring in more stable revenue.

global channel program

NS1, Promark Partner on New Global Channel Program

NS1’s new program and distribution partnership with Promark will improve application performance, velocity, automation and security.