AtlasIED Brings New Features, Products For Mass Communication, Transportation To ISE 2020

AtlasIED came to ISE 2020 with a host of new audio and mass communication products for transportation facilities, healthcare facilities and offices.

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Audio solutions manufacturer AtlasIED is showcasing a slew of new products at ISE 2020 (stand 7-N190), including product updates, the ALA line of column line array loudspeakers, discreet speaker and white noise solutions and mass communication tools for airports and transportation facilities.

Updates to IPX Series of IP Endpoints

AtlasIED is updating its IPX Series of IP endpoints, which include the ability to modify the colors of the IP endpoint flasher along with the text and background colors on its LCD screen. According to the company’s press release, these updates are intended to provide visual cues to the priority of the message and to differentiate a general notification from a more urgent message. The brightness of the LCD screen can also be adjusted and the acoustic echo canceler was improved to provide greater intelligibility of SIP and intercom calls.

Other updates include:

  • Improved logging of system events
  • Enhanced volume control
  • Addition of an audio limiter
  • Improved resource and memory utilization
  • Improved registration status
  • Improved power management
  • Ability to disable local audio messages
  • IGMPv3 support
  • Line in loopback
  • Improved WebUI

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GLOBALCOM 5400 Series

This portfolio of products was designed and engineered to meet demands for mass notification and emergency notifications from European regulators. In addition to functioning as an emergency communication solution, it can also be used as a day-to-day communication and paging solution.

AtlasIED suggests that the Dante-enabled system can be deployed in any time of transportation facility, like airports, subway terminals and transit stations.

Key features of the product include:

  • Announcement controllers featuring a built-in message server for life/safety emergency notifications.
  • Input and communications stations featuring built-in microphones and an option of a fully programmable 16 button interface or a programmable touch screen user interface for initiating audio/visual announcements with the 5400 Series Announcement Control Systems.
  • Amplifiers and zone managers provide processing and management from four to 32 paging zones assigned from an IED 5400 announcement control system.
  • Auxiliary input-output devices include various network input devices, backup amplifier switching modules, and expansion modules.
  • Director system management software provides an application-specific interface to an IED GLOBALCOM.IP system. The software provides a view of overall system status and simplifies system operation through customized graphical user interface.

IED570 Digital Communication Station

This new product is a high-definition touch screen mic station that gives airports an upgrade over their legacy button mic station. It eliminates the need for airline worker to use physical buttons to unlock codes to start the boarding sequence, and each sequence can be preprogrammed to begin automatically. Staff can also see a preview of the boarding process on the screen.

The product is designed as part of the GLOBALCOM series of announcement control systems. Other features of the system include:

  • Desktop or flush-mount footprint to allow retrofitting of the existing IED528 Series
  • Power over Ethernet functionality with redundant Ethernet ports
  • An omnidirectional electret condenser microphone cartridge integrated with a mic preamp and audio line driver

ALA Line Array Loudspeakers

The ALA Series of column line array loudspeakers from AtlasIED are designed to deliver maximum pattern control in a minimum footprint for applications that require speech intelligibility without compromising the architectural integrity of the facility.

AtlasIED is marketing these loudspeakers to houses of worship, transportation centers, retail spaces, conference rooms, museums and convention centers. Available in a wide variety of size and configurations, they can be wall mounted or attached to an optional pole mount bracket.

Strategically Hidden Speaker

This ceiling speaker is designed for inconspicuous installations. It blends into the ceiling but doesn’t sacrifice sound quality, making it useful for background music, paging/notification, sound masking and other discreet settings.

Z Series All-in-One Sound Masking

This line is designed specifically for healthcare facilities and corporate environments. It consists of either a four-zone or two-zone high definition acoustical system with integrated pink and white noise generators.

Other features include a mic-line input for paging/background music and a Bluetooth receiver for wireless music.