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Grow Your Business By Providing Essential Solutions To Your Clients

As your customers execute their return to office plans, achieving Productivity and Comfort, while balancing Collaboration and Privacy are paramount to their employees’ well-being.

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Grow Your Business By Providing Essential Solutions To Your Clients

Sound masking and remote audio integration present a huge opportunity! Our solutions are simple, flexible, adaptable, and configurable to any office set-up, allowing their employees to be productive and stay focused on what’s important.

The future of workplace environments may be uncertain. Our solutions are not. Through Lencore’s state-of-the-art sound masking and audio integration technology, we can engineer the perfect solution for in-office, remote and hybrid work environments:


  • Control your clients’ acoustical environment to provide exceptional productivity, comfort and privacy
  • Allow your clients’ employees to focus on the task at hand
  • Help your customers’ teams collaborate more effectively and efficiently by optimizing productivity
  • Boost customer satisfaction and overall well-being
  • Is adaptable, scalable and configurable for any office setup, now and in the future
  • Has a powerful ROI
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  • Increase collaboration between your clients’ remote and in-office employees by controlling the acoustical environment with audio solutions to maximize overall productivity
  • Achieve acoustical consistency in at home and in-office work environments for your clients
  • Execute seamless audio integration and sound management to bring your clients’ remote and in-office employees into a collaborative environment
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  • Help your clients’ employees overcome noise distractions and focus on what’s important
  • Achieve the best remote environment possible with acoustical consistency
  • Mirror your customers’ in-office productivity at home
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Also looking for background music or paging? Our adaptive systems can provide that tool

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