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Primacoustic Panels Help Students with Auditory Sensory Issues

Helping to minimize the acoustic issues for students with sensory issues at The Pacific Autism Family Network are Primacoustic Broadway panels.

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Primacoustic Panels Help Students with Auditory Sensory Issues

Providing services that include music therapy for students on the autism spectrum, The Pacific Autism Family Network (PAFN) of Vancouver had a goal to create a music therapy space that would not upset students with auditory sensory issues. Primacoustic Panels fit the bill.

Loud noises, highly reverberant rooms and other acoustical background issues can be tough environments for people diagnosed on the Autism spectrum.

The Primacoustic panels were installed as part of a plan to make the learning spaces more environmentally friendly for the students dealing with auditory sensory issues.

“In the Music Therapy Space, the lighting is on dimmers to be adjustable for individual preferences,” says Esther Thane, owner and executive director, The Pacific Autism Family Network.

“Our company colors are vibrant, yet not overwhelming, with one corner of the room piled up with sensory bean bags. Since the room is sound proof for recording purposes, it eliminates all auditory distraction from the hallways and neighboring service providers.”

“We had meetings in the early blueprint stages of what sound/lighting requirements would be conducive to creating a positive therapeutic space for our clients,” Thane recalls.

Focusing on the acoustical performance of the space, the Pacific Autism Family Network rooms feature a selection of Primacoustic Broadway panels.

Primacoustic Broadway Panels Features:

  • Primacoustic Panels are laboratory tested for acoustic performance and meet Class-A/1 fire safety standards defined by ASTM-E84 and Can-UL S102 requirements for flame spread and smoke development
  • Panels provide both comforting sound environment and one more attenuated for recording music
  • They utilize a fabric-covered construction of high-density 6-pound per cubic foot 96kg/m3 glass wool, which Primacoustic says is six times denser than foam panels

Validating the space, PAFM has formed a Friday night jam session with students, which it says has been well received by students. “They feel at home in the space, free to create, record and express themselves without judgement,” adds Thane.

“And if they need to scream or pound on a drum for a cathartic release, they can do that too without the fear of disturbing others in the building.”

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