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Attero Tech Facilitates Dante-Based System Inputs

New unD4I-L interface from Attero Tech is a convenient way to add mic/line inputs to Dante systems.

Now that the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is in the rear-view mirror, all eyes in the industry are focused on the European-based trade show Integrated Systems Europe (ISE).

The Fort Wayne, Ind.-based company Attero Tech announced that during the ISE event in Amsterdam, it will debut its unD4I-L four-input Dante interface. 

Attero Tech explains the unD4I-L incorporates four balanced mic/line inputs, each with software selectable 48-volt phantom power and eight gain levels. The company calls its new product “the ideal interface for adding mic/line inputs to a Dante system.”

The product’s front panel interface communicates each channel’s gain and phantom power status, and it also incorporates two network connections to facilitate Dante Daisy Chaining (DDC).

Other features include four logic inputs that sense dry contact closures/switches and continuous devices like potentiometers.

In addition, dealers can set up the Dante unit via PoE or power it from a 24-volt DC power supply, and the product’s settings can be adjusted in software to enable dealers to fine-tune the interface’s performance.

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