Yamaha Announces ADECIA Family of Audio Products

ADECIA beamforming ceiling microphone, audio processor, PoE switches and VXL Series speakers create customizable audio solution.

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Yamaha Announces ADECIA Family of Audio Products

Yamaha today announced ADECIA, a family of communication products “designed to work together seamlessly to provide a complete and customizable audio solution for any enterprise or meeting space.”

“From input to output, ADECIA ensures the highest-quality audio communication for which Yamaha is well-known,” the Yamaha announcement says.

The conferencing solution introduces the RM-CG ceiling microphone and RM-CR audio processor and includes Yamaha’s PoE switches and VXL Series line array speakers.

“Achieving professional audio quality — be it a training room, conference room, classroom, multipurpose room, or the boardroom — can require an incredible amount of time and costs to design, install, and set up,” said Yamaha VP of sales and marketing Michael Fitch.

“The introduction of ADECIA now allows customers and integrators to easily customize and configure a full-room UC solution that’s not only user-friendly and delivers the best audio results, but also allows for social distancing and contactless conferencing to fit arising health and safety requirements,” he said in the company announcement.

ADECIA “enables organizations to overcome implementation, configuration, and room acoustic challenges by providing all the equipment required for a successful installation with the highest audio quality,” according to the Yamaha announcement.

“Every component of the system, from the microphones to speakers as well as the required networking and communication equipment, automatically integrates thus reducing time, costs, and installation complexities,” the company announcement says.

More About ADECIA Family of Products

The complete ADECIA solution immediately detects all components of the system and configures them to be optimized for the room environment, accounting for the location of speakers and microphones, reverberation and echo behavior.

Setting up a room is done through the system’s configurator in four steps. With USB, Bluetooth, Dante, and analog connections, this system can fit a variety of room types.

“The ADECIA solution combines Yamaha’s new dynamic beamforming ceiling microphone (RM-CG), audio processor (RM-CR), a Yamaha Dante-optimized network switch, and VXL Series line-array PoE+ powered speakers,” said Fitch.

“Together, the system supports multi-beam tracking technology, Human Voice Activity Detection, Noise Reduction algorithms, speaker tracking, adaptive acoustic echo cancellation and much more. These automatic, smart audio technologies empower crystal-clear, stress-free remote communications,” he said in the Yamaha announcement.

“What makes this solution even more innovative is the flexibility built into the room solution,” said Fitch. “Utilizing an open control interface, the RM-CG microphone and RM-CR can be incorporated into a conferencing design using other Yamaha or third-party components. From installation to control, it’s simple.”