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AudioScience Steps Up to Meet Growing Need for Half Height Sound Cards

Debuting at the NAB Show, the new ASI6788 sound card from AudioScience is the first to meet a growing need for smaller sound cards within the broadcast market.

It doesn’t happen too often, but every now and then a manufacturer recognizes specific trends within the market and responds proactively.

The Skinny: At this week’s NAB Show, the New Castle, Del.-based manufacturer AudioScience has recognized the latest trends in broadcast and is reacting by debuting its new ASI6700 family of products, highlighted by the ASI6788 sound card.

The Specs: The company’s new sound card provides eight or 16 streams that are mixed into eight balanced stereo outputs and eight record streams fed from eight balanced stereo inputs. Following AudioScience’s mantra of “anything to anywhere” mixing and routing capabilities, the ASI6788 incorporates balanced analog and AES/EBU inputs and outputs.

In addition, the sound card offers eight opto-isolated inputs, eight relay-isolated outputs, and a compact form factor that fits perfectly with the latest market trends. “Noticing many of our customers are now using 2U servers for radio automation, the need for the half-height ASI6700 family became apparent,” says Richard Gross, president of AudioScience. “With the addition of GPIO this is the perfect product to enable high-density radio automation.”

Solutions: The ASI6788 sound card is designed for broadcast applications.

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