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Crestron Amplifier Designed for Multiroom, Mid-Size Installs

Crestron is now shipping its latest audio amplifier, the six-zone, 12-input C2N-AMP-6X100.

Whole-house audio is once again gaining steam, as is the application of distributed audio for small to mid-size commercial venues. As a result, there is an increased demand for the added power and flexibility afforded by these A/V systems.

Stepping up to provide dealers with new solutions for the revitalized audio distribution category is Crestron. The New Jersey-based manufacturer has announced it is shipping its C2N-AMP-6X100 multizone amplifier.

The company says the product was developed to serve the middle portion of the market, and it combines features from its CNX-PAD8 and Adagio Audio Expander (AAE) products.

“Our new 6-Zone amp is the perfect solution for mid-size systems,” says Dennis Fink, technology manager for audio products at Crestron. “It delivers all the inputs and performance homeowners need to enjoy their favorite audio sources in any room. The pre-amp outputs make it easy for integrators to tailor systems to best meet their customers’ needs.”

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The multizone amplifier is equipped with 12 inputs, four stereo-line outputs, Ethernet connectivity and preamplification controls. Crestron rates the amplifier’s power rating to deliver 50-watts per channel into an 8-ohm load, 75-watts per channel into a 4-ohm load. It says that dealers can configure the amp in a bridged mode to produce 150-watts into an 8-ohm load to drive products such as subwoofers.

Some of the amp’s options include two line-level outputs that mirror amplified channels five and six to allow additional amplifiers to augment a system’s performance, and two independent line-level outputs to support two additional “zones” or rooms.

Dealers can combine as many as three C2N-AMP-6X100 amplifiers to serve as many as 24 zones, and it can be controlled through the company’s Cresnet technology or its Ethernet port.

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