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Denon Pro DN-333XAB Designed to Serve as Heart of System

The DN-333XAB rackmount mic/line mixer with integrated amplifier provides an all-in-one solution for a variety of system installations.

Over in the consumer electronics world Denon is well known for its A/V receivers, headphones, turntables and even wireless whole-house audio products.

The company also produces a commercial line of products that was recently augmented by the introduction of its DN-333XAB rackmount mic/line mixer with integrated amplifier.

According to the large electronics company, the DN-333XAB can be used for education, fitness, restaurant and hospitality installations, and it designed the product to serve as the heart of an audio system.

Engineered for usages such as driving a pair of in-ceiling or wall mounted speakers, the DN-333XAB features a Class D amplifier section rated to deliver 120 watts, and three XLR+ 1/4-inch combination microphone inputs, two pairs of stereo line-level RCA inputs and a front-panel 1/8-inch auxiliary input to allow dealers to set up diverse systems that incorporates a choice of sources.

“More than ever before, commercial installations require utmost flexibility without compromising sound quality or increasing complication,” notes Costa Lakoumentas, senior vice president of Denon Professional. “That’s why we developed the ND-333XAB. It fuses comprehensive source mixing and dead simple operation with professional amplification—-all in a compact and affordable package that works with virtually every mobile device imaginable.”

Denon Pro also points out the product incorporates wireless Bluetooth streaming capabilities to allow users to stream content from their iOS and Android products, and an audio limiter that controls erratic signals from microphones and other sources.

In addition, the DN-333XAB also includes detachable Euroblock 70-volt and 100-volt outputs with a 4-ohm transformer bypass output, and chime, alarm and push-to-talk microphone functions.

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