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InfoComm Exhibit: Professor Peavey’s Amazing Audio Torture Tests

Peavey Commercial Audio debuts live interactive demonstrations at InfoComm 2014 to show how indestructible these audio systems really are.

CI Staff

Peavey Commercial Audio is set to debut a brand new series of interactive, informative and fun presentations called ‘Professor Peavey’s Amazing Audio Torture Tests.’

Audience members will be invited to sabotage Peavey audio systems by cutting cables, starting fires and more, while Professor Peavey demonstrates how the products withstand and operate in even the very worst-case scenarios.

The presentations run similarly to the hit BBC series, Top Gear, but instead of testing vehicles, Peavey will put audio gear through the ringer.

The presentations will run for 30 minute sessions on June 18, 19 and 20 of InfoComm (Booth #C10129) at the following times:

Life Safety – What Happens in an Emergency? – 10AM, 2PM

A series of disastrous scenarios will take place in our virtual stadium. Through fires, smoke, cut cables and compromised equipment, how will the audience safely evacuate? Using a Peavey audio system, volunteers will work with the Professor Peavey to carryout this task!

Lets Break Some Audio Networks! – 12PM, 4PM (no 4PM show on June 20)

Volunteers are invited to implement the most twisted audio networking configurations, test latency, unplug and replug cables and more. Try to break the system!

Each seminar will conclude with a Q&A session. In addition to the above troubleshooting simulations, Peavey will be testing other groundbreaking products – such as amplifiers and weatherproof loudspeakers – in additional hands-on showcases. Plus, all of the latest Peavey Commercial Audio gear for 2014 will be on display.

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