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ISE 2018: JBL Pro Soundbar Draws from Experience Developing Home Theater Products

The JBL Pro Soundbar builds upon the concepts JBL’s sister consumer brand developed for the home to deliver improved audio in commercial settings.

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ISE 2018: JBL Pro Soundbar Draws from Experience Developing Home Theater Products

Known for its consumer and professional products, JBL is taking a consumer concept and introducing it to the commercial market with the introduction of its JBL Pro soundbar.

JBL Pro is part of the Harman family of brands, and during the annual ISE event, Harman’s brands introduced a number of products at ISE 2018. Highlighting the JBL Pro product introductions were the soundbar and VLA Compact Series line array.

Drawing from its experience of designing soundbars for the consumer home theater market, JBL developed the JBL Pro Soundbar as an active solution specifically for commercial environments.

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“Typically consumer-grade soundbars offer features that are great for the home, but add unnecessary cost and complexity for commercial applications such as a hotel guest room,” explains Bradley Drummond, director, hospitality solutions and marketing, Harman Professional Solutions.

“With an optimized feature set designed for these applications in mind, we’re able to provide our customers with the audio clarity and experience they want at a very attractive price pointand with application-specific features such as volume limiting, cloth-free materials and a security lockout plate you wouldn’t find on consumer soundbars.”

JBL Pro Soundbar Features Complement a Range of Commercial Installs

Some of the options built into the commercial soundbar include fixed and variable source volume to provide compatibility with fixed applications where the volume is controlled by the soundbar, and variable capabilities when the volume is controlled by a television.

JBL Pro explains in fixed volume situations the soundbar offers IR learning to enable the soundbar to learn the IR of a TV’s remote volume controls.

Controlling the environmental impact of the soundbar is a four-position volume limiting switch that helps to prevent the soundbar from playing too loud and bothering adjacent rooms.

“The Pro Soundbar is the perfect soundbar for commercial applications,” emphasizes Drummond.

“With commercial-grade features and excellent clarity even at low levels, the JBL Pro Soundbar pairs perfectly with Samsung 690 Series hospitality TVs to create holistic, cost-effective guest room entertainment solutions. The addition of the JBL Pro Soundbar to Harman’s already extensive range of hospitality solutions further demonstrates our capability to offer targeted audio, video, lighting and control solutions for the entire facility.”

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