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AtlasIED SHS (Strategically Hidden Speaker) Took 5 Years to Develop… It Looks Worth It

Watch as AtlasIED president John Ivey describes a passion project — AtlasIED SHS (Strategically Hidden Speaker) and its astounding ability to blend into any aesthetic environment.

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AtlasIED president John Ivey discusses AtlasIED SHS (Strategically Hidden Speaker).

You have never seen a ceiling speaker like AtlasIED SHS (Strategically Hidden Speaker).

It’s a first-of-its-kind ceiling speaker which the company says is designed to blend into virtually any environment. That description, however, doesn’t adequately convey a ceiling speaker that can literally match any ceiling – wooden, concrete, drop-ceiling, painted, Sistine Chapel, you name it.

When John Ivey, president, talks about the AtlasIED SHS it’s clear that it was a passion project, and one that turned out the way he hoped.

“It was a five-year process … what we ended up with was really, really cool,” says AtlasIED’s John Ivey.

“We had already made the best sounding ceiling speaker we could and that’s the Strategy III Series,” he says in a video interview with Commercial Integrator.

Having conquered that and pioneered a platform for easier, less time-consuming and less-frustrating ceiling speaker mounting, it was time to focus on the next big step in evolving ceiling speakers.

“We said we’d made the best sounding speaker. Now let’s go back and make the best looking speaker as well,” Ivey says.

“It was a five-year process. Many people did not think it could get done. And internally we had our doubts sometimes but what we ended up with was really, really cool.”

Watch the video interview to see what Ivey means.

AtlasIED SHS press release:

AtlasIED has introduced the SHS Series, Strategically Hidden Speaker, a first-of-its-kind ceiling speaker designed to blend into virtually any environment.

A global electronics manufacturer providing comprehensive audio solutions for commercial business environments, AtlasIED introduced the SHS line for installations where wide coverage is crucial and high-definition audio must be heard, not seen.

Today’s business, retail, corporate, and educational environments put as much emphasis on interior design and aesthetics as on the quality and functionality of the integrated technology.

The SHS is carefully designed to blend into the aesthetic of any ceiling while retaining optimal sound performance. Exotically different and perfectly disguised, the AtlasIED SHS Series is ideal for applications like background music, paging / notification, and sound masking, and is easy to install in venues and facilities where the technology should not be front-and-center.

The SHS Combines Subtle Form and Optimal Function

The concealed design of the SHS is achieved by Adaptive Dispersion Lens Technology, a new, patented waveguide form. Only a 3-inch diameter lens and a micro trim ring are visible on the ceiling.

The dispersion lens can be easily painted or replaced with material to match the ceiling, allowing the SHS to blend in without compromising the architectural aesthetic of the room. For hard-to-match spaces, AtlasIED’s optional DesignLab™ color match process uses high-resolution printing technology to transfer any color or design onto the micro-diffuser, for visual continuity on any ceiling.

Designed to deliver highly intelligible audio, the speaker has a 2-way driver providing high-definition sound. Sound exits the two-way transducer and passes through the patented adaptive dispersion lens for a smooth and uniform frequency response with no “hot spots” common to some loudspeakers.

The speaker uses an integrated 32-watt 70V/100V transformer and 40 bypass with a sealed enclosure above the ceiling for optimal bass response. The speaker offers ultra-wide, 180-degree dispersion for full coverage in any environment.

Self-Contained Unit Offers Easy Installation

Easy to install, the self-contained SHS comes with a speaker, enclosure, and adjustable tile rails. Drill a three-inch hole in the ceiling tile, set the speaker through the hole, and snap on the micro diffuser. Pull to retract the expandable tile rail alarms, and installation is complete. No rail screws are required for drop-tile ceiling installations.

The SHS Series speakers include three dispersive lens configurations for flexibility in any installation. The standard lens comes in 4mm and 8mm sizes, ideal for applications with low- to medium-height ceilings.

The direct fire lens measures 4mm and includes a direct fire grille for improved intelligibility and greater sound dispersion for use in projects with high ceilings or applications where extreme intelligibility is required, such as public address systems and conference rooms.

Experience the SHS at Integrated Systems Europe

Years in development, the SHS Series fills a necessary niche in commercial ceiling speakers, merging superior sound quality with thoughtful design. By taking a unique and strategic approach to loudspeaker engineering, AtlasIED developed the SHS to put aesthetics first without compromising performance, transforming high definition audio in trendsetting architectural designs.

“The Strategically Hidden Speaker is truly something different. And the audio and design worlds have been waiting for something different for a very long time,” says AtlasIED President and CEO John Ivey. “We are not exaggerating when we say to the commercial integration community: ‘You didn’t see this coming.’”

To experience the superior sound quality and revolutionary design of the SHS Strategically Hidden Speaker, visit AtlasIED at ISE 2019 stand 6-K160. Learn more at