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d&b audiotechnik Talks Customization and Artistic Creation at its Biggest InfoComm Booth Ever

d&b audiotechnik InfoComm 2018 plans include d&b Custom solutions and the U.S. debut of SL-Series line array… along with instructional lessons.

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d&b audiotechnik Talks Customization and Artistic Creation at its Biggest InfoComm Booth Ever

For more than a decade, d&b audiotechnik has been a familiar face at the annual InfoComm show in mid-June, whether it’s in Las Vegas, Orlando or elsewhere—and InfoComm 2018 will be no exception. This year, the d&b team is back in Las Vegas with its biggest-ever booth [#C982].

For the first time, visitors to the d&b booth can explore the full extent of what “tailor-made” means with d&b Custom solutions. And, for anyone wondering just how large the largest d&b line array to date really is, the SL-Series will be making its U.S. show debut.

d&b Custom, d&b audiotechnik InfoComm

d&b Custom will debut at InfoComm 2018.
Photo credit: Sake Rijpkema

The 2018 introduction of the d&b Custom solutions line “consolidates the company’s long-term appreciation for individuality and character,” according to the company press release.

“No matter the project size, the rigging, color and weatherization of any d&b system can be ideally matched to even the most challenging interior and outdoor spaces.”

d&b Loudspeakers and Toolkits at InfoComm 2018

The d&b audiotechnik InfoComm 2018 booth will also show off loudspeakers, including the xC, Y and xS-Series, representing line array, point source and column options, together with the installation-specific 10D amplifier.

Visitors to the booth will also see the new DS100 Signal engine and an open V7P, providing a window into d&b quality and engineering. Meanwhile, the stadium- and arena-targeted Yi-SVS array also makes its U.S. exhibition debut.

The d&b Workflow—comprised of the d&b ArrayCalc, R1, ArrayProcessing and NoizCalc—is brought to life at the booth’s central workstation. Visitors can get hands-on with this toolkit, which is designed to incorporate every detail of a d&b system, including all new and future d&b technologies.

d&b Audiotechnik InfoComm Demo Room

The d&b team will welcome visitors to demo room #N119 for two presentations: the d&b Soundscape, and Integration and Interoperability, running throughout the show multiple times every day.

In the d&b Soundscape session, visitors “will glimpse a world beyond stereo, made possible by the DS100 Signal engine,” according to the company press release.

“Designed to put sonic artistry at the center of the sound production process, the d&b Soundscape can be used to achieve more natural imaging through source positioning, or to create sound art, a work of pure imagination.”

Meanwhile, Integration and Interoperability will take a look at d&b’s approach to integrating systems in a range of applications.

The session will cover remote control, audio networking and incorporating third-party devices, and provide an introduction to d&b Custom solutions.

Click here for more information about d&b audiotechnik’s plans for InfoComm 2018.

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