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Electro-Voice EVID-S Speaker Installs Indoors & Outdoors

The new Electro-Voice EVID-S commercial loudspeaker installs in outdoor and indoor environments via a time-saving mounting system.

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Electro-Voice EVID-S Speaker Installs Indoors & Outdoors

Electro-Voice's EVID-S commercial loudspeakers

Adding to its EVID (EV Innovative Design) series, the audio company Electro-Voice has announced its EVID-S commercial loudspeakers.

Designed for installed applications, the EVID-S line of loudspeakers offer features that support professional integrators, including the line’s wall-mount system, which Electro-Voice says enables installations as easily as “1, 2, 3.”

Explaining how simple the installation process is, Electro-Voice says that all integrators need to do is attach the wall mount, which includes a bubble level, then terminate the speaker cables inside the mounting bracket. Electro-Voice points out, the line, which offers options for indoor and outdoor installations, next step is to attach the wall-mount cover to protect the cables in construction environments. The next and final step is to remove the mount cover and hang the speaker to complete the installation.

Electro-Voice EVID-S Line Offers 5 Models

Summarizing the EVID-S product line, Electro-Voice states the product line offer a choice of 4-inch, 5.25-inch and 8-inch two-way models, as well as companion dual 10-inch subwoofer and single 12-inch woofer model subwoofer.

The products can be used in settings that range from retail environments, restaurants, and hospitality facilities, to bars, lounges, patios and pool areas.

Electro-Voice emphasizes the EVID-S product line also provides “true” weatherproof construction for use in outdoor spaces. Backing up the line’s weatherproof capabilities, Electro-voice says all of the products are IP54 certified for weather resistance, and it also offers an IP65 certified version of the 5.25-inch loudspeaker cable and the dual 10-inch subwoofer model.

The EVID-S product line features these models:

  • EVID-S4.2 4-inch two-way cabinet
  • EVID-S5.2 5-inch two-way cabinet
  • EVID-S8.2 8-inch two-way cabinet
  • EVID-S10.2 dual 10-inch woofer subwoofer
  • EVID-S12.2 single 12-inch woofer subwoofer

The Burnsville, Ill.-based audio manufacturer adds that its option designations for the EVID-S series of loudspeakers are as follows:

  • B (black)
  • W (white)
  • T (output transformer)
  • X (waterproof IP65 rating)
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