Genelec Loudspeakers Deliver Seamless Audio for Brasserie Astoria

Genelec helped transform the Brasserie Astoria, a former cinema, into an opulent restaurant and bar for Stockholm’s urban elite.

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Genelec Loudspeakers Deliver Seamless Audio for Brasserie Astoria
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Brasserie Astoria is part of the Frantzén Group, an internationally renowned organization possessing six Michelin stars between its establishments. These are spread across Stockholm, Bangkok, Singapore and London. A former cinema, Brasserie Astoria required a comprehensive sound system with coverage across the site to ensure clarity and intelligibility throughout. To maintain the sleek aesthetic and conform with the group’s standards of quality assurance, Finland-based Genelec’s 4000 Series loudspeakers thus emerged as the natural choice.

Providing Cutting-Edge Audio

Systems integrator High Definition and sub-contractor Sound Support worked with the Genelec team to equip the 1,200 sqm establishment with a cutting-edge audio solution. Erik Skanderbeck, AV sales manager for Genelec in Sweden, explains the mission for Brasserie Astoria. He notes, “The goal was to cultivate a premium feel throughout the entire restaurant, since this is probably one of the most high-end establishments you can visit in Sweden. The coverage is incredible — even the toilets have Genelec loudspeakers!”

Skanderbeck continues, “The team at Astoria spend a lot of time curating playlists for the restaurant; hence the impetus to invest in a world-class playback system. The Frantzén group have had a positive experience with Genelec loudspeakers before, having installed them in their hallmark restaurant, Frantzén, which holds three Michelin stars, and is also located in Stockholm.”

Upon entry, two Genelec 4030 loudspeakers are the first to welcome users, diametrically positioned in the eaves of the foyer. This sets the tone for the rest of the dining area, as there are 4030s in every corner and hidden amongst piping in the ceiling.

The 4030 is one of the larger models in the 4000 series. Per a statement, it has become a benchmark of quality in the AV industry. It’s an ideal choice for medium-sized commercial installations. Moreover, the choice of 120 RAL color finishes allowed Astoria to find the perfect copper brown colorway to match the interior’s aesthetic. For additional low frequency extension and control, the team deployed three 7040 subwoofers in the dining area.

A Seamless, Matching Design

High Definition’s Micke Fröbom highlights another feature stating, “The attention to detail is simply next level. Just look at the room leading to the wine bar, covered in lacquered gold leaf. To uphold this aesthetic, we had to implement custom Genelec loudspeakers with a gold leaf finish!” This, combined with the active technology of the loudspeakers, results in a very discreet and clean audio system that blends perfectly with its environment.

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The lower floor is accessible via an ornate spiral staircase. This further descends into an underground space filled with more greenery. Here, one can enjoy a selection of wine and champagne at the bar. There is thus a higher concentration of loudspeakers in this area, as it tends to have a more energetic ambience. Here, the coverage is provided by ten of the larger 4040 models, complemented with a pair of 7050 subwoofers.

A more intimate section, called Lilla a, conjoins this section where people can host private functions. High Definition have equipped a DJ booth on the lower floor. The booth comes with two Genelec 8030 studio loudspeakers. These speakers combine a small footprint with high SPL and excellent low frequency extension.

Overcoming Challenges, Prioritizing Sustainability

Fröbom also comments on some of the more challenging aspects of the integration. He adds that the materials used in the walls’ construction was a mixture of metal brick and steel composite. As a result, it became difficult to fasten loudspeakers to the wall.

Additionally, the restaurant is situated directly under 18 high-class period apartments. According to Fröbom, this posed the issue of potential sound leakage. He then states, “Genelec provide a large array of accessories to choose from to assist loudspeaker placement and dispersion, allowing us to keep the sound contained whilst meeting the client’s requirements.”

Being involved with Brasserie Astoria from the early stages of its inception massively helped to streamline the collaboration. It also ensured that all stakeholders were on the same page. The end result thus featured clear, intelligible sound with fantastic coverage and matching colors.

Genelec says it will continue to offer comprehensive after-sales care and maintenance package. Should Brasserie Astoria seek to scale up or alter their system in the future, Genelec will provide full support, upholding a core philosophy of reliability and futureproofing that has made Genelec a benchmark for sustainability in AV.

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