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HARMAN Professional Solutions Elevates Oceanside Experience at Cali Beach Club

The HARMAN audio distribution system at Cali Beach Club comprised JBL Professional loudspeakers, Crown amplifiers and BSS signal processors.

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HARMAN Professional Solutions Elevates Oceanside Experience at Cali Beach Club
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HARMAN Professional Solutions partnered with Prestige Group and MadisonAV to outfit Cali Beach Club with weather-resistant audio solutions for improved sound in outdoor conditions.

Per a statement, Cali Beach Club is a $10 million Ibiza-inspired beach club in the heart of Surfers Paradise. It is surrounded by residential development. Moreover, the venue showcases a new type of beach club with pools, open-air spaces, outdoor deck areas and cabanas overlooking the Gold Coast beach.

Cali Beach looked to deliver immersive audio experiences for its guests while minimizing noise pollution for its neighbors. This resulted in the hiring of MadisonAV and Prestige Group to design and install a complete HARMAN audio distribution system.

Matthew Keegan, partner, Artesian Hospitality, says, “[Cali Beach] offers multiple restaurant options, a beach volleyball court, an outdoor cinema and more. The club has neighbors right next door. [T]here are no walls or roofs to assist in managing noise levels.” Thus, he continues, the club required a sound system to mitigate unwanted dispersion. At the same time, it needed to maximize the sound within the venue. Keegan then goes on, “We’ve been very happy with the JBL system. It’s been an extremely smooth experience working with both Prestige and MadisonAV.”

Setting up the System

The system consisted of JBL Professional loudspeakers and Crown amplifiers. Prestige Group and MadisonAV thus designed a unique, open-air audio setup that included 80 loudspeakers. Many were located in nearfield positions to minimize spill outside the venue.

The team outfitted the outdoor cinema and main DJ area with left and right arrays of JBL CBT70J-1 and 70JE-1 column speakers. With this, they achieved high output levels with decent pattern control and extended bass response. They also installed highly weather-resistant AWC15LF loudspeakers below the screen in the cinema area and on a circular truss in the DJ area. Additionally, the team included AWC82 speakers as rear fills in the DJ area. This helped deliver clarity for speech and music.

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In the cabanas, MadisonAV and Prestige installed JBL AWC62 full-range loudspeakers. Meanwhile, JBL AWC82 all-weather loudspeakers occupy the bars and booths. In the pool area, JBL-CBT-1000 loudspeakers provide asymmetrical vertical coverage. Crown CDi Series amplifiers power the entire system. Additionally, BSS signal processors with BLU Link networking offer low-latency operation and responsive controls.

Achieving the Results

“The three most crucial goals were weatherproofing, achieving tight pattern control and making it sound great — given that we’re right next to the beach,” adds Nathan Wright, general manager, Prestige Group. Per Wright, JBL’s weatherproof speakers ticked all the boxes. He continues that they have the right SPL specifications for the project. This includes the speaker dimensions, dispersion characteristics and frequency responses. “We used a combination of CBT column speakers and AWC full-range coaxial speakers. They worked seamlessly to create the right audio experience for everyone,” says Wright.

“A one-of-a-kind venue like Cali Beach Club requires an audio solution that gives the venue an edge,” states Amar Subash, director, Channel Management and Audio Solutions, HARMAN Professional Solutions, APAC. He concludes, “We thank Prestige Group and MadisonAV for meeting the challenges of the venue and ensuring elevated experiences for everyone who visits the club.”

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