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Yamaha Adds Compact Speaker, Subwoofer to Commercial Line

Yamaha’s VXS1ML full-range, compact speakers and VXS3S subwoofers are aimed at applications in which background music is required.

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Yamaha Adds Compact Speaker, Subwoofer to Commercial Line

Yamaha's VXS1ML full-range, compact speaker

At Integrated Systems Europe 2017, Yamaha Corporation Japan came out strong with two new speaker products for its Commercial Installation Solutions line.

Both the VXS1ML full-range, compact speakers and the extremely lightweight, compact VXS3S subwoofers featuring Yamaha SR-Bass technology are targeted at retail outlets, restaurants and “anywhere background music is required,” according to a Yamaha press release.

They are slated to be available spring 2017.

More on VXS1ML from Yamaha’s Press Release:

The VXS1ML features a newly developed 1.5” full-range driver unit that, thanks to a powerful neodymium magnet and other refinements, delivers extraordinary sonic quality, despite its size. It offers wide 170° horizontal and vertical dispersion so large spaces can be efficiently served by a relatively small number of speakers.

More on VXS3S from Yamaha’s Press Release:

The VXS3S subwoofer employs Yamaha’s own SR-Bass technology and achieves natural bass reproduction in a compact enclosure. The VXS3S supports both low- and high-impedance connections to ideally serve the scale and purpose of a variety of systems. It also includes satellite connectors that allow convenient, direct connection to the VXS1ML or other full-range speakers such as the Yamaha VXS3F, minimizing the number of amplifier channels required. A built-in crossover is automatically applied when the satellite connectors are used, providing exceptionally smooth frequency transition from the subwoofer to full-range speakers.

“Since 2012, Yamaha CIS products have offered a total system solution, providing everything needed for top-quality sound in commercial installations that can be flexibly designed to accommodate applications in just about any layout and scale,” says Marc Lopez, director of marketing for Commercial Audio products, Yamaha Professional Audio.

“The outstanding music reproduction, wide coverage, and super compact form factor of the new VXS1ML and VXS3S will definitely enhance the customer experience.”

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