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Mackie Adds Thump to Sound Reinforcement Product Line

Thump from Mackie provides musicians, DJs, club owners and others with a choice of loudspeakers that can fill a variety of spaces with full-range sound.

The Woodinville, Wash.-based manufacturer Mackie is well known for its mixers, amps and other audio products.

The Skinny: Recently the company announced it is adding to its vast array of audio solutions through the release of its Thump Series of powered speakers.

The Specs: Now that the Thump Series is shipping, the company explains the product line includes the Thump12, the Thump15 and the Thump18S subwoofer. Mackie says it developed this compact, but powerful series of speakers to provide users with a choice of products that deliver smooth vocals and lots of headroom for the clean reproduction of full range audio content.

“You love the unmatched bass of Thump, but want more power to reach even more people,” notes Greg Young, product manager at Mackie. “With the new Thump [Series], you get more power and a substantial increase in bass performance at the same extremely affordable price.”

Mackie points out the products incorporate more than 1,000 watts of power, with provisions to fine tune crossovers, transducer time alignment, three-band EQ sections with sweepable midrange options, and combo mic/line inputs. The company adds that the Thump18S sub features a 1,200-watt amplifier, as well as a band-pass design and a choice of input/output options.

Solutions: The Thump Series of powered speakers can be used by musicians, DJs, club owners and anyone else that needs affordable and portable sound reinforcement.

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