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Kramer Omnivore KM-2B Represents Versatile Single Mic Solution for Corporate Applications

Kramer raises the standard for corporate microphones with the introduction of the KM-2B, part of the new Kramer Omnivore microphone family.

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Kramer Omnivore KM-2B Represents Versatile Single Mic Solution for Corporate Applications

Kramer’s Omnivore KM-2B, which debuted at ISE 2020, is a microphone “designed to be the go-to microphone for meeting and conferencing spaces,” according to the company announcement.

The patent pending Omnivore KM-2B is a “multi-purpose dual boundary microphone that eliminates comb filtering and maximizes acoustic energy, providing unmatched clarity and flexibility,” according to the Kramer announcement.

Omnivore KM-2B has three selectable polar patterns, allowing versatility for any type of installation:

  • Omnidirectional – For use in small/medium meeting spaces
  • Sub-cardioid – Under the display in a huddle space
  • Cardioid – On the podium for the lecturer

Omnivore KM-2B is the brainchild of Yuval Kramer, director of audio at Kramer, who wanted the ultimate, flexible corporate microphone which is simple to master.

“KM-2B can be installed and configured by an individual with minimal audio expertise,” said Kramer in the company announcement. “The switchable pickup polar patterns will help the user get excellent results in minimum time, allowing simple trial and error and providing a totally flexible installation.”

In addition to this flexibility, sound quality is paramount. A selectable high-pass filter (HPF) at 120Hz helps to avoid any ‘boominess’ and table noises.

More About the Kramer Ominvore KM-2B

The two microphones in the KM-2B can be summed into a single channel or output two separate signals for redundancy in critical installations or recordings of a conversation between two people, each with his microphone.

Furthermore, a boost mode of an extra 12dB of microphone sensitivity allows an important gain stage – if the microphone is far from the speaker, or in case the volume is too high, boost can be cancelled to avoid clipping at the microphone.

Omnivore KM-2B will be available in the third quarter of 2020.

In other Kramer product news, the company recently unveiled VIA Campus²PLUS is a simultaneous wired and wireless presentation and collaboration solution with a 4K60 4:4:4 HDMI input for wired connectivity.