MXL Microphones Shows New Conferencing Microphone at NAMM 2018

MXL Microphones drops three new products at NAMM 2018, including the POP LSM-9, the AC-360-Z conferencing microphone, and VRS Bundles.

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MXL Microphones Shows New Conferencing Microphone at NAMM 2018

AC-360-Z conferencing microphone from MXL Microphones.

At the recently completed NAMM 2018 trade show, MXL Microphones introduced three new products, including a new conferencing microphone.

Highlighting the company’s new product releases is the AC-360-Z low-profile conferencing microphone.

MXL Microphones says the AC-360-Z conferencing microphone captures 360-degrees of full audio within a 25-foot radius, and it employs a single USB 2.0 cable for power and signal.

According to the company, the AC-360-Z conferencing microphone enables professional integrators to place the product in the center of large conferencing rooms to support meetings and other collaboration activities, while capturing conversations with full clarity.

MXL says the AC-360-Z microphone’s plug-and-play connectivity eliminates the need to download drivers. MXL also points out the AC-360-Z works with any web conferencing codecs, including Skype, Google Hangouts, BlueJeans, Zoom and others.

MXL explains that when users employ the conferencing microphone with Zoom, each quadrant of the AC-360-Z is independently addressable for custom arrangements within an installation.

MXL Microphones, NAMM 2018


Other MXL Microphones at NAMM 2018

MXL says the POP LSM-9 is a dynamic vocal mic that is designed to look nice, while canceling vibrations and handling noise to capture live performances as cleanly as possible. The microphone delivers a super cardioid polar pattern, and it is designed to negate feedback.

“The new POP mic gives the artist a powerful tool on stage, because not only does it have a fun, eye-catching design, but it also products a really fantastic sound that helps singers blend in naturally with the rest of a musical mix, whether it’s a live band or a professional karaoke system,” says Scott Krueckeberg, international sales manager, MXL Microphones.

MXL Visual Radio Station (VRS) Bundles

MXL says the VRS Bundles gives users everything they’ll need to make quality video podcasts from a computer or PC.

The bundles include a POV camera, a USB hub, an audio interface and HDV Mixer software. MXL emphasizes that it partnered with Broadcast supply Worldwide and HDV Mixer to make the bundles a comprehensive solution.

“With these VRS bundles, MXL and Broadcast Supply Worldwide are making it easier than ever for podcasters and radio broadcasters to incorporate video into their productions,” adds Krueckeberg.