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Primacoustic Updates VoxGuard Nearfield Acoustic Absorber

Canadian audio manufacturer Primacoustic has added an opening to its VoxGuard VU product to allow vocalists to see other musicians and recording engineers during tracking stages.

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The Vancouver, B.C.-based audio company Primacoustic is an established manufacturer of acoustics products for the pro sound and residential home theater markets.

Recently, the Canadian manufacturer announced that it has updated its VoxGuard nearfield absorber with the introduction of its new VoxGuard VU product.

Highlighting the updates Primacoustic made to the product is the addition of a 3-inch by 7-inch window that allows vocalists, voice over and other professionals to see other musicians and recording engineers during the recording/tracking process for improved communications.

“The VoxGuard is one of the most popular products in our line of Iso-Tools,” says Jay Porter, product specialist, Primacoustic. “With thousands shipped worldwide, we heard feedback from customers who suggested the inclusion of a viewing window would allow for eye contact and improve the recording experience. This simple solution can now be found on the new models that begin shipping this month.”

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Primacoustic notes the VoxGuard VU like the previous generation model utilizes a lightweight design that includes a high-impact outer shell and rear-access cable port.

The company adds that once installed, the VoxGuard VU helps to control ambient space around microphones, and it delivers, clean, more articulate dialog/vocals that produce more intimate sounding recordings.

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