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Q&A: Matrox Graphics’ Ron Berty on Signal Distribution Options

Matrox Graphics Inc.’s business development manager weighs in on integrators’ signal distribution options, IP networks and hybrid solutions.

CI Staff

What competitive advantage do Matrox Maevex encoders and decoders provide integrators with as they attempt to solve signal distribution challenges for their clients?

Berty: Maevex allows integrators to distribute exceptional, near- Blu-ray-quality content over standard IP networks, but at low bandwidth and cost. Maevex encoders use the H.264 video compression standard to deliver up-to-1080p60 video and audio to multiple displays via Maevex decoders or optional software decode for added flexibility.

Maevex PowerStream network management software also comes included, letting administrators easily stream, record to NAS, and switch between content from one or more central locations with a wide variety of user-definable stream parameters.

One key piece of advice is that it is important to know what clients expect in terms of the general purpose and video quality expectations of the signal distribution system. The desired resolution and quality will in large part dictate the bit rate required to move the video over the network.

For example, the low, default 15Mbps bit rate can be adjusted within a range of 100 kbps – 25 Mbps. Allowing integrators and their clients to fine-tune bit rates gives them the power to balance quality and bandwidth usage.

Altogether, Maevex is a complete and cost-effective AV-over-IP solution.

What’s the one piece of advice you’d give any integrator designing a signal distribution system?

Berty:They should start getting their feet wet with real hardware and basic networking—even if they’re working with a traditional matrix baseband type of signal distribution system. If you get a piece of a traditional signal distribution system working with AV-over-IP, it will open the door for content to be streamed to additional locations on the network.

Matrox Maevex is an excellent solution to help expand an existing signal distribution system by tapping into the potential of IP.  Ultimately, with the right tools, they will develop IP distribution networks that grow over time and become increasingly beneficial.


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