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Radial Filler Panels Keep 500 Series Racks Dust & Dirt Free

Radial Engineering has just announced its new Solo and Duo filler panels for its line of 500 series racks.

The use of space-friendly 500 series racks is on the rise in the professional audio world.

Manufacturers such as the Canadian company Radial Engineering are helping to drive the platform’s popularity.

The Skinny: Adding to its line of 500 series products, Radial announced its new Solo and Duo filler panels that are designed to provide an attractive way for rack owners to protect their investment in their components.

The Specs: Radial’s Roc Bubel explains that the Solo and Duo will help protect 500 series rack owners from the damaging effects of debris. “With more studios getting into the 500 series, folks have been asking us to provide filler panels to keep dust and dirt from finding its way in [the rack systems] while providing a measure of safety by closing up the front of the rack and keeping hands out,” he states. “These will surely be a nice addition to any studio.”

The Vancouver, B.C.-based manufacturer says the Solo fits a single-wide space, while the Duo covers two slots. Both panels are made from 14-gauge steel and painted in a black enamel.

Solutions: The Solo and Duo 500 Series filler panels are designed for use with Radial’s 500 series rack systems.

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