Readers Nominate 29 Impact Products of the Year

Commercial Integrator readers nominate 29 products that made a significant impact on their businesses during the past year.

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The idea is to cut through the marketing hype. Sure, we all know that the product being introduced “sets a new industry standard” and how all manufacturers are the “leading providers” of whatever they make.

We wanted our end-of-year product coverage to be dictated by the consultants and integrators who read CI and the end users who read TechDecisions.

We asked readers to submit thoughts on products that made a significant impact on their businesses in 2014.

  • Maybe the product offers features previously unavailable.
  • Maybe it lowers the price point enough to expand a feature to new customer groups.
  • Maybe it reduces design or installation time enough to save the integration firm on labor.
  • Maybe its features make service easier and facilitate recurring revenue.
  • Maybe it’s just incredibly cool.

We’ve highlighted 29 products that, according to readers, meet those criteria. Which products made an impact on your business this year?

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