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Sennheiser SpeechLine Digital Wireless Designed for Public Speaking

SpeechLine Digital Wireless from Sennheiser is the world’s first wireless digital microphone to be designed exclusively for speech applications.

Sennheiser is well established as one of the best and most well-known microphone manufacturers in pro audio.

At the recently completed Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) show in Amsterdam, the company announced its latest microphone solution: the SpeechLine Digital Wireless.

Sennheiser says the SpeechLine Digital Wireless is, “the world’s first wireless digital microphone to be designed exclusively for speech applications.”

Explaining the product in greater detail, Sennheiser points out that during the development process for the digital microphone solution it consulted with users, technicians and integrators, and it went through its own research and experience in order to meet its design goals for the product.

“Our aim was to develop the first microphone to be optimally designed for the spoken word and public speaking,” explains Kai Tossing, portfolio manager at Sennheiser business communication. “Therefore, we wanted to know exactly which features are the most important, not only for users, but also for technicians and decision makers, and we needed to find out what their special requirements are when it comes to speech applications.”

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In addition to the company’s design goals of developing a product specifically for spoken word and speech applications, Sennheiser also devoted its design efforts toward the installation of the product.

Among the installation features built into the SpeechLine Digital Wireless are an Automatic Frequency Management option that automatically searches for free frequencies onsite to eliminate the need of preparing to locate open spectrum, and an Integrated Audio Level Management option that automatically adapts the system to its installation scenario.

Sennheiser says the product also incorporates its Automatic Interference Management feature that automatically switches to a free frequency, and through its system control and monitoring capabilities, users can keep an eye on the product’s status through the Wireless Systems Remote (WSR) app or through their AMX or Crestron systems.

Other features include a lithium-ion battery that offers more than 15 hours of operational life, and 256-bit encryption capabilities. 


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