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TOA Mic Tracks & Captures Dialogue from Varying Angles

AM-1 microphone system from TOA uses steering technology to reproduce content clearly and naturally.

Since 1934, TOA Corporation has been designing and building loudspeakers, amplifiers, microphones and other sound reinforcement products to serve the professional audio industry.

The Skinny: The latest product from TOA Corporation is the newly announced AM-1 Real-Time Steering Array Microphone System that can be used in a variety of venues to capture audio presentations.

The Specs: TOA explains the microphone is designed to sit out of sight in spaces that allow users to move freely without worrying about the quality of their presentation becoming inaudible. According to the 80-year-old manufacturer, the AM-1 utilizes a built-in sensor to detect and track audio sources from above, below and either side of the product to deliver clear and natural dialogue reproduction.

TOA says the sensor offers a range of up to three meters and angles up to 180 degrees. It incorporates level compensation technologies for reduced volume variations. In addition, TOA says, the microphone system allows for easy, one-touch adjustment via iPads through a dedicated app or firmware.

Solutions: TOA says the AM-1 Real-Time Steering Array Microphone system can be used in corporate settings, educational institutions, public venues and other environments that require professionally installed sound reinforcement.

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