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Tour of Terra Speakers Leaves Nothing to the Imagination

CI trekked up to Terra Speakers’ facilities just north of Portland, Maine to see how outdoor audio and commercial loudspeakers are designed, crafted and put to the test.

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Given the current state of weather in many parts of the United States, installing outdoor audio probably doesn’t come to the top of anyone’s list of things to do at the moment.

Despite the weather conditions outside its door, the Brunswick, Maine-based audio company Terra Speakers is focused on outdoor audio — specifically quality outdoor audio.

The 15-year-old company manufactures a variety of audio products for both the residential and commercial markets, including its AC Series and multi-purpose LS line of outdoor speakers. Over the years Terra has seen its products integrated into thousands of backyards, public gardens, theme parks and restaurant locations.

Take the Tour — Go Inside Terra Speakers’ Workshop

In addition to its outdoor audio products, the company has also reintroduced its CAMM line of commercial loudspeakers, which are designed for installations such as houses of worship, auditoriums and other public venues.

This newly refreshed line of products utilizes drivers built in the U.S. in the shadows of its famous retail neighbor L.L. Bean, and the line offers a choice of five models:

  • DT.4IL: This speaker features a planar tweeter and four 4-inch MFCS/ACAD drivers.
  • DT.100: The DT.100 utilizes a single 5.25-inch MFCS/ACAD woofer.
  • DT.800: Terra incorporates a 1-inch rotatable horn with a single 12-inch woofer.
  • DT.200: With a ¾-inch tweeter and single 5.25-inch MFCS/ACAD woofer the DT.200 integrates into a variety of environments.
  • DT.400: Adding more low frequency capabilities the DT.400 employs a ¾-inch horn high-frequency array and an 8-inch MFCS/ACAD woofer.

James Banfield, president of Terra Speakers, says the company developed the speakers to provide dealers with a versatile line of products that are capable of easily adapting to any number of applications.

“You can really tailor these speakers with EQ [equalization] in harsh acoustic environments,” he explains. “We are also offering system design help to dealers, and we will sell a design kit to further help dealers to design their installations to help with speaker placement and EQ.”

To take a close look at how the speakers are made, click here for a tour of the company’s facilities just north of Portland, Maine.